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Copy of PARCC/Common Core

No description

Becca Lynn

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Copy of PARCC/Common Core

Important Parties and Their Roles
PARCC/Common Core
By: Rebecca Fosbre and Lisa Harrity
PARCC Testing
Brief History of Standardized Testing and the PARCC Assessment
Current State
Quick Overview of PARCC
Effect on
Clearer information on if students are on track and in a quick manner
Prepares students more for future careers and college
Critical thinking
Kids may struggle with this because they aren't prepared with the Common Core
Improves technology literacy
Accommodations made simple
Curriculum more directed towards Common Core
Fun ways to prepare for PARCC with games
Currently new Sample Questions
Practice/Field Test (Spring 2014)
First National Assessment (2014-2015)
Practice Test for Speaking & Listening (early 2015)
Formal Test for Speaking and Listening (2015-2016)
"About PARCC." Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers. PARCC, 2013. Web. 07 Dec. 2013.
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*More meaningful and timely information for parents/educators
*Eliminate Multiple Choice for chance to solve real problems
*More interactive and engaging
*Uses Universal Design principles to make accessible to all students
*Creating mid-year assessments to allow time for adjustment in curriculum and instruction
*Testing times may change
*4 week window for schools to test
*Currently no tests for grades K-2

SmarterBalanced Testing:
• Adaptive delivery (students see an
individually tailored set of items and tasks)
• A retake option is available for the
end-of-year component

District of Columbia

New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
Rhode Island
Interview Responses:
Metcalf prepared for the assessment by
working to understand and deconstruct standards
standards based grading
Field Testing for 7th grade ELA non-electronic
Illinois isn't ready for PARCC online because of the technology and many schools haven't adapted to Common Core yet

PARCC is a Computer Based Assessment
This allows for:
- Short response time, able to be used better as a tool for instructors to have relevant data on their students
- The test is more interactive and engaging for students, it also can be altered and individualized by the students, as an accommodations for diverse learners
- Students will wear headphones for testing
Assessment Components
There will be two summative required assessments:
1.) Performance Based Assessment (PBA): At the end of the year,
a. ELA/Literacy: writing effectively and analyzing text
b. Mathematics: Applying skills and concepts, understanding how to solve multi-step problems, abstract reasoning, and strategic use of tools
2.) End of Year Assessment (EOY): after 90% of school year.
a. ELA/Literacy: reading comprehension
b. Mathematics: innovative, machine scorable items

PARCC Assessment
Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers

Made as an assessment to be used with the common core standards. To ensure students graduate with the knowledge and skills needed in college and careers. It is an engaging and interactive assessment to assess critical thinking and problem solving.

PARCC is funded by U.S. Department of Education’s Race to the Top assessment program

Will be required for grades 3rd-11th. No testing for K-2nd.

With 46 states adapting the CC standards, now each must also use a CC based assessment. This will help in comparing across states and look at the nations educational status as a whole.
Standardized testing was introduced to our nation in the 1920's for WW1 military personnel selection.

In the late 1930's it became a more regular part of the elementary education system.

Standardized testing in elementary schools represents the social commitment to educating all students to their full educational potential.

However our views on education are constantly changing, which leads to assessments and testing changing along side it.

The ultimate goal of standardized testing is to be a reliable and valid assessment of students capabilities, knowledge, and skill. (Haney 1981)
Our Group Stance
The PARCC assessment is extremely new, seeing as it has not been implemented yet (even for field testing) there is little to no data on its impact in the the schools. Therefore it is quite difficult to form an opinion on its merit and validity.

However after acknowledging it's close association with the common core standards and looking at the available sample items and information, we can say that this is a step in the right direction for education

Unlike some past testing, the PARCC seems to really strive for success among students. It does not aim for the "standardized bell curve" or set students up to for failure. Instead it has clear guidelines as well as expectations. Being based off the standards allows for this clarity.

Also, it appears to be extremely focused on critical thinking and problem solving skills, while using authentic documents and relevant materials. This matches our beliefs that learning should have meaningful purpose and allow for students to understand and connect with the material, rather than simple retention.
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