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Latest music hits

No description

Dr. Gru

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Latest music hits

By Grace Walker Popular Music Artists & Hits Small Bump Ed Sheerans song "Small Bump" is from his popular al;bum "+". Ed Sheeran Link for Lyrics http://www.metrolyrics.com/small-bump-lyrics-ed-sheeran.html Small Bump is a true story, with the most heart-wrenching twist, about a friend and her baby. Website Link http://edsheeran.com/ Ed Sheeran was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire and his family later moved to Framlingham in Suffolk. He sang in a church choir with his mother from the age of four. Sheeran's first guitar was given to him as a gift by his uncle. Ed initially taught himself, before going on to have proper music lessons. When Sheeran was 11 years old, he went to see Damian Rice perform an intimate gig in Ireland. Ed met the musician in a bar after the performance. Sheeran told The Telegraph meeting Rice convinced him to pursue music: "I had a little bit of a chat and kind of had an epiphany, like 'Wow, this is exactly what I want to do!' I got home that night and wrote a whole bunch of songs. I remember one was called 'Typical Average Teen.' Yeah, I was one of those." Sheeran started recording music in 2005, and released the first of many EPs, The Orange Room, that same year. He moved to London at the age of 16. It was here he began to tour relentlessly, sleeping on fans' sofas every night after his gigs.
Sheeran worked as a guitar tech for British folk duo, Nizopli. This soon lead to the band offering Ed an opening slot at their gigs.
Ed Sheeran played a whopping 312 gigs in 2009! In early 2010, Sheeran flew to Los Angeles, California. He played open mic nights throughout the city and was soon spotted by actor, Jamie Foxx, who invited Sheeran to stay at his home and record some tracks.
The official video for Sheeran's single, "The A Team," cost just £20 (approximately $32) to make.
In April 2011, Sheeran announced he would be playing a free show at The Barfly in Camden, London. Over 1000 fans turned up to the gig, prompting Sheeran to play four separate sets, including one on the street outside the venue after it had closed, so that everyone got to see him perform.
On September 12th, 2011, Atlantic Records released Sheeran's debut studio album, +. Part of the LP - which reached #1 on the UK album chart - was recorded in a friend's garden shed, with Sheeran telling Q Magazine: "I wanted to keep that organic, lo-fi feel. I've got the rest of my life to make an album in a swish studio. This time round I wanted to stay true to the sound that's got me this far." Elton John is a big fan of Sheeran's music. In October 2011, Elton even convinced Sheeran to pose naked for a charity catalogue. Ed said at the time: "I'm not a very confident guy when it comes to taking clothes off. I've been persuaded for Elton John's charity to do a naked photo shoot. So ladies, lock up your daughters. I think it's all going to be part of a catalogue that's going to be sold to raise money. A lot of people are doing it."
Harry Potter actor, Rupert Grint, stars in the video for Sheeran's track, "Lego House." Grint plays a crazed fan who convinces himself he actually is Ed Sheeran (a fantasy undoubtedly fueled by the similarity in hair color!) The A Team Lego House Drunk You Need me, I don't need you Official Video Live Room Recording uni Ed made an album, entitled ‘+’. “I’d like to say it’s all about positivity,” Ed laughs, “but really it’s just a cool sign that I love. It is also one step on from all the independent releases I have done.” Wake Me Up This is one of Ed's slower songs. Grade 8 Little Bird Kiss Me Sunburn The City Autumn Leaves Gold Rush This Miss You Give Me Love The Parting Glass Cold Coffee Jessie J Jessie J is one of the most talented artist of 2011. This song has a wonderful message that people should recognize. B.O.B also does a great job in the song with his verses but the real standout is Jessie J and her chorus. Price Tag Link For Lyrics http://www.metrolyrics.com/price-tag-lyrics-jessie-j.html Who You Are is the debut studio album by English singer-songwriter Jessie J, released on 28 February 2011 in the UK and on 12 April in the US. Due to high demand and interest from fans, the release date was pushed ahead by over an entire month, from its original 28 March 2011 release date. Domino Jessie J's full name is Jessica Ellen Cornish. She was born on 27th March in 1988. Jessie was born in Chadwell Heath, London. She has two older sisters. At the age of 11, Jessie starred in a West End production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Whistle Down the Wind. Jessie J studied at the BRIT School. She graduated in the same class as Adele and Leona Lewis. She was part of a girl group called, Soul Deep. The song ‘Big White Room’ was dedicated to a fellow ward mate who died in the hospital, when she was 17. She suffered from a stroke at the age of 18. Jessie was signed with Gut Records as a songwriter. While with Gut Records, she wrote alongside artist Chris Brown. Jessie musical style has been described as a mix of soul, R n B, pop and hip hop. She has sold over 11 million singles, and 2.5 million records. She has suffered from panic attacks whilst on tour. While performing at Glastonbury Festival in 2011, she performed on a gilt throne after rupturing tendons in her foot, at the Capital Radio Summertime Ball. She has shaved her head for charity. Her first award was in 2010, where she received the BBC Sound of 2011. Shewas a mentor on the BBC’s The Voice UK. Her first UK arena tour is scheduled for March 2013. Laserlight Laserlight is sung by Jessie j but it features David Guetta. Mama Knows Best I absolutly love this track :) Nobody's Perfect Do It Like A Dude Who You Are Who's Laughing Now Abracadabra Stand Up Rainbow Big White Room Payphone I havn't included any information about Maroon 5 but I thought this was such a great song so i just had to put it in here. By Maroon 5
ft. Wiz Khalifa Link to Website http://www.maroon5.com/ Conor Maynard Link For Lyrics Can't Say No http://www.lyricsfreak.com/c/conor+maynard/cant+say+no_21002927.html The albulm "Can't Say No" is a debut single by British singer Conor Maynard. It was first released on 2 March 2012 in Belgium as his debut Single, with a scheduled release in the United Kingdom on 29 April 2012. The song is the lead single of his debut album Contrast. The song was written and produced by The Invisible Men with additional production from The Arcade and was also written by Sophie Stern, Jon Mills, Joe Dyer, Kurtis McKenzie and Maynard himself. Bom Bom I havn't included any information about Sam and the Womp but I thought this was such a great song so i just had to put it in here. By Sam and the Womp Link to Website http://www.samandthewomp.com/ Conor Maynard was born on the 21st of November 1992. Conor Maynard was born in Brighton. Sexy and I Know it I havn't included any information about James Arthur but I thought this was such a great song so i just had to put it in here. By James Arthur Link to Website http://xfactor.itv.com/2012/finalists/james-arthur
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