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Super Bowl and the Commercialization of Sports

No description

Ray Yafi

on 18 January 2014

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Transcript of Super Bowl and the Commercialization of Sports

Bud Light Commercial
The average cost for a 30 second commercial over the past 45 years has risen from $40 thousand to over $3 million this past year

What is the Super Bowl?
The Super Bowl is the championship game for the National Football League
It determines the league’s best team who will hold the trophy until the next year
It pits the best team from both the American Conference and the National Conference against each other

World Cup Comparison

World Cup (2010):

Final match: 619.7 million
Cumulative: >26 billion (est.)

Super Bowl (2013): 108.7 million

Interactionist's Perspective

Super Bowl is the real American Thanksgiving and is considered as a major religious festival.

The Super Bowl is similar to the festivals in the Ancient Rome in respect that it does not make distinctions between religion, politics and sporting character of different people. It reunites them despite all individual differences and different strata and brings them together.

This reunion of people brings about the indication of American society because is recalls not only the founding of the nation, but also the hopes and fantasies of a growing nation.

Super Bowl and the Commercialization of Sports
Ad Revenue

World Cup (2010 est.):

Sale of television rights: $2.4 billion
Sponsorship & marketing: $1.1 billion

Super Bowl (2013):

Ticket sales: $73 million
Total ad revenue: $263 million

Functionalist's Perspective
Football helps in creating social bonds between people of different classes
Positive impact on the city hosting the Super Bowl
Football is labeled as a “man’s sport”

Conflict Theory
Women are considered to be the subordinate group.
Women struggle to compete for recognition and equality.
Exclusion of certain social class groups.


ETrade Commercial
Doritos Commercial
Cost of Commercials
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