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Copy of Online Educational Game


Zainab Agboola

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Online Educational Game

Animal Farm By George Orwel Characters and Representations SnowBall Napoleon Boxer Pros Equality
No social ladders to climb
The same standard for everyone
Eliminates local cultures and hereditary elites
Little crime b/c law enforced striclty


Themes Reocurring
Questions Would life be better without social classes?is everyone equal? *Personal Question*
Would a communist government work in our society? The End [Joseph Stalin] Napoleon uses military force (his nine loyal attack dogs) to intimidate the other animals in order to gain power. The pig who challenges Napoleon for control of Animal Farm after the Rebellion. Leon Trotsky (good guy) The dim witted horse whose strength and hard work is responsible for the prosperity of the farm Other Character in Strory Squealer - The pig who spreads Napoleon’s "propaganda" (means advertisement) among the other animals. Orwell uses Squealer to express how people use language and words to twist the truth and gain and maintain social and political control.

Old Major - the boar who expressed his idea of a social utopia in the song “Beasts of England,”. The song describes a communist republic. Orwell based Major on both the German political economist Karl Marx and the Russian revolutionary leader Vladimir Ilych Lenin.

Clover - A good female horse and Boxer’s close friend. Clover often accuses the pigs of not following the rules but blames herself too. Moses - The raven who spreads stories of Sugarcandy Mountain, the place and paradise for animals when they die He is used to show the impact comuunism has on religion

Mollie - The vain mare who pulls Mr. Jones’s carriage. Mollie likes the attention of humans and loves being groomed and pampered. She has a difficult time with her new life on Animal Farm because no one really papmers her or gives her the attention she wants. She represents the people that fled from Russia after the Russian Revolution.
Benjamin - The donkey who believes that things will still be bad no matter who or what is in charge.

Muriel - The white goat who reads the Seven Commandments to Clover.

Mr. Jones - The drunk farmer who is in charge of the farm before the animals started the Rebellion. He represents the selfish leaders who abuse power and dont help his people The impact of Communism
in the Soviet Union The Need For Social Classes The influence and effects
of the media
on abusive power of a communist society of a communist society too much focus on the group, instead of the individual
you can't raise your standard without being corrupted and active in politics
no personal freedoms.
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