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L3 Unit 3 methods to ensure diversity

No description

Michael Smith

on 18 March 2015

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Transcript of L3 Unit 3 methods to ensure diversity

in the public services

All public services organisations have a range of policies in respecting equality and diversity. These include:
Equal opportunities polices
Grievance policy
Bullying and harassment policy
Anto discrimanation policy
This Presentation Will Highlight ....
--> Policies and procedures in public services
--> Diversity issues
--> Equality of service
“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

Diversity issues
Grievance policy

Service complaints commissioner
Corporate complaints manager
Case study
Equal opportunities policy
Sexual orientation
P5 Review the methods used by public services to ensure they have a diverse workforce

P6 explain the duty of public services to provide equality of service to all citizens

M3 analyse the effectiveness of the methods used by public services to promote equality and diversity in society and within the service

D2 evaluate the effectiveness of the methods used by public services to promote equality and diversity in society and within the service


1) What methods are used by the public services to ensure a diverse workforce/

2) What other organizations are available to sleep?

3) Do you think the methods in place are effective in ensuring equality and diversity?
- Equality of service
Equality of service
Army diversity team
Positive action in the fire brigade
Other organisations to help
Bullying and harassment policy
Designed to prevent bullying
Individual and chain of command responsibility
Treating people with respect and dignity
Not treating peole the same.

The public services have to deal with a lot of diversity issues including:
Women on the front line
Women and black and other ethinic minority firefighters are under represented in certain fire departments. The service can legally undertake positive action:
Appointment of an equality and diversity officer
Awareness courses run in certain regions
Oppertunity for minorities to speak to serving firefighters of the same race gender or religion
Interviews for certain minorities
Police federation
Prison officers association
Royal British Legion
Army welfare service
Read the case study on page 100

Discuss questions 1-3
The public service have to ensure the community can access their service. There are 65 million people in the UK.

How many needs are there?
Leaflets in other languages
Websites in other languages
Accessible buildings
Developing a diverse workforce
Specialist training on religion and culture
Specialist measure for reporting hate crime
Equality and diversity officers
At the moment only 25% of the police are women
Only 3% of the fire brigade are women
1.8% of the RAF are ethnic minorities
4.4% of police are ethnic minorities
Attitudes are changing in the public services but it is important they do more by encouraging more minorities to apply
Look at as many pictures of the Army, Police and Fire Brigade:
How many women are there?
How many ethnic minoritie are there?
M3 - Consider how well the methods to promote equality and diversity work both in society and within the police
These methods help towards making the public services diverse and promoting equality however there are still inequality issues which tells me the methods used are not as effective as they could be. Some of the issues are:
Metropolitan police still racist.
D2 - Evaluate the effectiveness of the methods
All the public services try to use a variety of different methods to ensure diversity. I think the most effective method is positive action. This makes people who might not apply for certain services think about them and it should result in more people applying and more people working for the public services.
The policies that are in place are important but are to complicated. I think a lot of people would not understand all the different policies that are in place so would not know what there rights are.
D2 - Evaluate the effectiveness of the methods used
Recommendation for change:
Produce easier to follow policies
More education on careers in the services in ethnic minority areas
Promote success stories of females in the services
Stronger punishments for prejudice

What are your opinions on this?
D2 - Evaluate the effectiveness
1) What is in place to promote diversity in the public services?

2) How do the services ensure equality of service?

3) Are the methods effective?
Methods used to ensure
Army sexism is worse than ever
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