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Slaughterhouse Five---Billy's Life Timeline

No description

demi zhang

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Slaughterhouse Five---Billy's Life Timeline

BY Demi Zhang Billy Pilgrim's Life Timeline Billy was Born at Ilium, New York 1976 February 13: Firebombing of Dresden,
Over 1000,000 people died Billy has a plane crash on the way fly to
Montreal, everyone died in the plane except
Billy 1968 Billy will die, have died, and always will die on February Thirteenth, 1976. 1922 Billy was born at Ilium, New York 1934 Billy was on vacation at the Grand Canyon and Carlsbad Caverns with his family Billy Pilgrim's Birth So It Goes 1944 Billy was drafted to join the army while he is a student at the optometry school. His father dies during a hunting accident December, 1944 Billy lost behind enemy lines. He met Weary and two scouts. Billy's first time travel. 1945 January 3 Roland Weary Dies. Billy is blamed for his Death Paul Lazarro promises revenge January 4 American Soldiers arrive at the POW camp.
Edgar Derby Protects Billy during this time January 5 Billy is sent to Slaughterhouse Five in
Dresden, DE. 1945 April 17 Billy is discharged from the army. He is sent back home and
finishes his optometry degree 1948 April 21 Billy commits himself to a
metal ward He meets Eliot Rosewater, who introduces him
to Kilgore Trout's writings, in the mental ward. Billy recovers from mental ward;
marries Valencia and has two children. 1957 Billy is elected president of the
local Lions Club in NY. 1965 Billy admits his mother to the nursing home 1967 Billy has been kidnapped by a flying
saucer from Tralfamadore Billy was displayed in a zoo
at Tralfamadore, and mated
with Montana Wildhack,
who is a movie star. He and Weary are captured by five
Germans and a police dog. 1968 Billy's wife Valencia dies
due to the carbon monoxide
poisoning after the plane crash. 1968 New York City---Billy talks on a radio show about his time traveling experiences and his time at Tralfamadore. 1976 Billy shot with a laser gun during a speech about time traveling at Chicago
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