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No description

Andrew Gamil

on 4 May 2017

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Transcript of Pyromania

The deep urge to set things on fire without abusing substances or attempting to get revenge.
Increased tension and anxiety.
Feelings of happiness and relief while burning things.
Guilt, shame, or embarrassment.
An obsessive desire to set things on fire.
Fun Fact #2
Pyromania is much
more common among males than females.
The number of pyromaniacs that are apprehended, diagnosed or treated are predominately male. 90% of all documented cases of the disorder have been males.
Fun Fact #3
This disorder is considered an impulse disorder and has been
diagnosed primarily in children and teens.
The youngest recorded cases are of 3 year old children.
So How Does It Effect The Body?
Lets Find Out!
Fun Fact #1
Pyromania is a very uncommon disorder and is
only diagnosed in less than 1% of the population
that is tested for the disorder.
People who are diagnosed with this disorder can be treated with
This is usually one of the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.
Coping Techniques
Usually for children the best they can do is talk about their problems with their parents.
The brain and body feels nearly unstoppable satisfaction.
The body and brain feels very relieved as you burn things.
The cause is unknown but physicians believe that the brain produces chemicals that influence emotions and thoughts.
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