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Tatiana Cuske

Mrs. Waggoner

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Scribes

Scribes By Tatiana Cuske people who wrote This is Thoth the God of writing and knowledge. He has a head of a river bird. Scribes were one of the important people in Egypt.When they wrote, they wrote right to left. Instead of writing in letters they wrote in Hieratic script. Hieratic is pictures that represented words. Hieroglyphs means holy carvings. This is a pen made from a reed
and this is the case that they
used and it would usually come
in a case like this. The ink is made
from solid black cake. You would dip
the pen in to water, then rub in the
ink and then you would write. Scribes had to learn over 1,000 signs before they could start writing. Only boys could write and barley any could. Scribes would go to school to learn how to write and they would have to learn all 1,000 signs. Because there were so many signs, it took a long time before they could start to write. Scribes would come home from school every day very tired and then they would practice a little and, then they would play or work. this is hieroglyphics. and here it shows you how
the pictures change from bc to bc. this is how it usually went, first they made a picture Scribes wrote on clay or paper. But when they wrote on clay they would have been able to erase it, by smearing the clay part that they messed up on. but they weren't so lucky when they wrote on paper. when writing on clay they let the clay dry up and it would be fine, but now they wouldn't be able to fix anything. it took scribes about 12 years to learn how to write. then the would start keeping records of the amount of crops harvested and etc. then wen scribes weren't needed they would relax for a while until they needed to be needed. have a nice day the end
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