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Collagraphs with chine colle

No description

Clare McCormick

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Collagraphs with chine colle

Collagraphs with chine colle
Aims & Objectives
Nodau ac Amcanion
In today's lesson...
Yn y wers heddiw..
Using a small strip of card spread the ink over the board.
Previously/ yn flaenorol...
We created our collagraph boards using a range of materials with various textures.
We then began to print our collagraph boards in are last lesson.
For inspiration we looked at Welsh artists Sarah Hopkins and William Brown.
We looked at Welsh painter and printmaker William Brown

In today's lesson...
Yn y wers heddiw...
We will look at Northern Irish artist Penny Brewill who works mainly with etchings and screen prints taking her inspiration from model toys.

To create at least another three collagraph prints.
Continue developing are prints by incorporating a technique know as chine colle.
Geiriau Allweddol
Pattern/ Patrwm
Tone/ Ton
Press/ Pwyso
Chine Colle
Take a small piece of scrim and rub the ink into the board.
Use the cotton buds to create highlighted areas.
Place your paper into the water tray.
Take paper out and dry until you can see no water marks.
Glue strips of tissue paper onto your printing paper.
Place your collagraph board onto the printing press,
place your paper ontop of your collagraph board.
Slowly roll your collagraph through the press and remove paper once through to the otherside.
Do you feel you achieved today's aims and objectives?

As a class discuss and evaluate each others work,
One strong point...
One improvement...
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