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Group Found Poem

No description

Lauren Stuckey

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Group Found Poem

My black face fades,
hiding inside the black granite.
half-expecting to find
my own in letters like smoke.
He danced with tall grass
for a moment, like he was swaying with a woman.
And waking slowly is like coming home
swatted flies with a Sycamore switch
you delivered signs and blessings
when the time comes let me
breach the falls like an
iron man of old
wailing over the cascade with
fiery curses to a god Because I have known many women
Who are dead, I try to think of fields
As holy places.
Always I thought they suffered, the way they huffed
through the Benzedrine light of waffle houses
hillbilly lad
lost in
the big blue
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