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ToK Q3 May 2016

No description

Daniel Trump

on 11 October 2015

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Transcript of ToK Q3 May 2016

Personal & Shared Knowledge
In which situations is PK dominant and VV ?

Why do some people reject SK and adopt their own PK ? (e.g. Ptolemy)

Are PK & SK distinct ? what happens in the zone of exchange ?
Perspectives specific to AoK's
Perspectives are more important in some AoKs than others e.g. Arts compared to NS.

Some Aoks give dominance to PK others give dominance to SK.
Real life application
(examples only)
How did perspective play a role in SK of a particular historical period ?

Was perspective essential to a scientific breakthrough attributed to a particular scientist ?

Is perspective (as methodology) essential to faith based knowledge ?

Take it further...,
Is perspective related to power ?

Is perspective stable, inherently consistent and concurrent across an individual's knowledge ?

What role does culture play, and can this be linked to Indigenous Knowledge Systems ?
Moral relativism
Does absolutist morality include perspective ?

When absolutist and relativist held beliefs come into conflict is that the product of perspective ?
KQs & KC's
KQs could be based on knowledge & perspective, or on the methodology of an AoK.

Empiricism vs Rationalism debate may provide some KQs

KCs could approach the KQ through a particular WoK or AoK
What does that even look like ?

Is knowledge even possible without
a knower ?
"The knowers perspective is essential in the pursuit of knowledge"
Define Perspective:
not the same as bias.
based on methodologies of investigation.
varies from WoK to WoK
How do you interpret the word '
in the title ?
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