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Animal Rights

No description

Joanna Sanchez

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of Animal Rights

What do experts say?
Animal Rights
Joanna Sanchez
Tanya Reyes
Angel Estrada
Steven Mena

What are animal rights?
According to the book,
Animal Rights: What Everyone Needs to Know...
Animal rights are "most often used to describe moral rights and social values in favor of compassion and against cruelty"
Animal Abuse
Why is this a
world problem?
Impact on People
Impact on Animals
How we can solve
this issue...
Why this solution would work...
13% of intentional animal abuse cases involve domestic violence.
Dog fighting became more popular in the United States after the Civil War for firemen and police men.
Today it is popular in urban, suburban, and rural areas.
Other types of abuse:
failure of providing proper food, water , shelter, or medical care
Having an animal outside without proper care
(2015 National District Attorneys Association)
This can be either purposely or can be the failure of knowing how to take care of an animal.
Deliberate Abuse:
setting on fire
(2015 The Humane Society of the United States)
Other types of entertainment include:
(2014 BBC)
(2015 NDAA)
(2015 Do Something Organization)
Most Common:
64.5% dogs
18% cats
25% Other animals
Types of
Types of animals
Over 115million animals have been killed.
26million animals are used very year.
(2015 DoSomething)
(2015 ProCon.org)
(2012 Animal Legal Defense Fund)
People who abuse animals are more likely to abuse and hurt other people.
(2015 The Humane Society of the United States)
(2013 American Humane Association)
(2011 Paul Waldua)
This is a world problem because animals all around the world are being abused, and slaughtered, resulting in the death of the animals.
"...there is no logical basis the way in which we treat animals in research;in fact, we would not tolerate such treatment if the animals were Homo sapiens; therefore we cannot tolerate such treatment for other sentient creatures that, like us, are able to experience and suffer pain"
(Frank Gannon)
(2015 EMBO)
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Not respecting animal rights results in animal abuse and/or deaths.
We can solve this issue by creating more laws to protect animals and reinforcing the laws with bigger penalties.

$35.000 fine
2 years in jail
No experiments on animals
No killing animals for food or clothes or medicine
No use of animals for hard labor
No hunting
No zoos or use of animals in entertainment

This includes:
(2014 BBC)
Using this solution, this will result in less animal abuse by having people be more afraid and aware of the consequences it will bring.
This will help the animals because less people would use them for clothes, testing, and neglect, thus reducing the rate animal abuse.
Animal rights would be a lot more respected.
This increases the number of abuse cases against animals.
More animals are victims of testing or used for clothes, affecting their physical appearance, not making them fit for their environment.
(2015 Animal Humane Society)
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