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Threads: A Young Person's Guide To Buying Clothes

No description

Sandy Cheeks

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of Threads: A Young Person's Guide To Buying Clothes

Threads: A Young Person's Guide To Buying Clothes
Did You Know? (negatives)
Retailers decided to spend $60 million on safety
Did You Know (positives)
Advice to consumers
Do you wanna make a change on where you buy your clothes? Maybe you could research all of the countries and how the working conditions are. You should STOP, Look, and research where your clothes came from. Before you buy your clothes take a look at the tag and see where your clothes are designed. Most clothes in the world come from factories with bad working conditions maybe you should take the time and think about the brand of clothes you buy. Did you even know that some of the clothes you buy are made over sea's; Do that make you wanna change your mind on where you buy your clothes from.
Get The Big Picture
Look at your tag, Do you realize where your clothes come from or do you just pick up a cute outfit off the shelf? Do you want to know how and where your clothes are made? Have you ever known the conditions workers go? The companies where your clothes are made have harsh conditions were people die almost everyday. The workers at the Garment Industry are treated like they are animals without a home.
Workers get paid so less that they only get paid $40 a month; Which is just
Even though the disasters, Pros say that things are changing slowly; Shoppers are starting to pay attention to what their buying
A collapsed building in Bangladesh killed 1,127 workers and injured about 2,500 others. This happened because they were trying to create clothes for you
It was crowded, no air conditions, and the windows were always closed
Many workers are young uneducated women who work in harsh working conditions
Do you realize that there's more
effects than there are
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