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Process Skills

No description

Kathleen Lambe

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Process Skills

EQ: What are process skills and how do they fit with inquiry-based learning?
Science Process Skills
and the Scientific Method

Let's Do a Write Around...
What are the Process Skills
Which process skills will you use?
The Case of the Missing Computer Chip
Process Skills and
Scientific Method
Scientific Method
Working with a group, you will choose one of the following topics (or a topic approved by Dr. Lambe) and design an experiment to be conducted next week.
And Now It's Your Turn
(Consumer Science)
Let's observe and infer!
• Observation
• Communication
• Classification
• Measurement
• Inference
• Prediction
Tell your elbow partner:

Based on the video, what does using the scientific method look like?
1. Determine a testable

2. Generate a hypothesis.

3. Determine how to test the

4. Analyze test results.

5. Review findings and consider
the next steps.
You must have all the parts of a good experiment written out so that other scientists could repeat your work:

* Testable Research Question
* Hypothesis
* Materials
* Procedure
* Results
* Conclusions and suggestions for
further study
* Comparing strength of paper towels

*Comparing absorbancy of diapers

* Various cleaning solutions for removing mustard stains

* Bubbles produced by dishwashing detergent

* Choosing the best plastic zip lock bags for storage
Each team of scientists must check in with Dr. Lambe before leaving the lab tonight.
Teams must share the responsibility of bringing materials, conducting the experiment, recording the data, and sharing results with the class.
(Your "Exit Slip" will be to answer her questions before you leave.)
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