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What Does it Mean To Teach?

Teaching 21st Century Students

Steve Smith

on 13 January 2012

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Transcript of What Does it Mean To Teach?

What Does It Mean To Teach In the 21st Century? In the 21st
Century? If teachers can only provide: Content
Information Then our role in the
lives of students is obsolete...... Students can find information on

Anywhere Virtually Limitless Information Whatever


Wherever Teachers are no longer the
main source of knowledge We are the filter How do we teach
students to handle
these resources? G GLE Sure, they can use But has anyone shown them how to: VALIDATE information?

SYNTHESIZE information?

LEVERAGE information?

COMMUNICATE information?

COLLABORATE with information?

PROBLEM SOLVE with information? With all of this information available,

Should our curriculum be focused on

facts and content

facts, content and skills Think of the
skills you use
when you ask: How do I fix my car? What's the best credit
card deal for me? What's the fastest route home to avoid traffic? Should I rent or buy? Who should I vote for? How should
I invest
my savings? My connecting
flight was just
cancelled. What
do I do now? How can I get my image
out there so companies
will hire me? What are the newest ideas and innovations I need to keep up with? Where can I get
reliable news? What is the most
efficient tool for
this project? How would

your students

answer these questions? Have you
them? Remember Understand Apply Analyze Evaluate Create Think about what you ask students to do.

When is the last time you had them Create? And what does Creation mean today? blogging
programming And what about all the other tech skills? networking reflecting posting experimenting attributing integrating mashing linking uploading sharing editing tagging paraphrasing subscribing commenting searching twittering bookmarking locating Where do these fit into Bloom's Taxonomy? And what about

Integrity? Where are they learning this?

Themselves? Where do we expect them to learn about Copyright Pirating Crowdsourcing Plagarism Slander Confidentiality Professionalism? So what does this mean for the classroom? How could you gather and discuss data via

Online Surveys
RSS Feeds ? How could you talk about reliable sources using

Podcasts ? How could students publish and evaluate work using

Website Creators
Programming ? How could students collaborate using

Ta-Da Lists
Google Docs
Facebook ? How could struggling students benefit from

Virtual Manipulatives
Video Lessons
PictureClouds ? It means we need to rethink

the tools we use

and the types of problems

we ask students to solve How could students be challenged to solve problems online? Tonight's Homework:

Answer the following question using any resources you wish.

You must explain, justify, and evaluate your opinion and resources. What effect has the nuclear power plant disaster in Japan had on the local eco-system, economy, and culture? What is the current relationship between the U.S. and Pakistan? Review a work of art in terms of form, texture and color. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Use data in your justification. What are the top rated jobs in the U.S.?

What required skills do these jobs have in common? Compare and contrast crime rates in Los Angeles over the past 10 years.
What is the impact on society? (social, economical, personal) Find an online presentation program.

Use it to create a 2 minute presentation describing
the pros and cons of the program. What are the 3 most popular areas of research in physics today? Read the terms and conditions of YouTube and summarize the key ideas. What skills could students gain

through this process? What kinds of discussions could

this create in the classroom? How could students


their findings? Think of the possibilities But how do we manage


at school? The same way you manage students using

notecards The tools provide temptation,

but they are not the source of

negative behavior Any lesson you create,

no matter what tools are used... Has to be Relevant Challenging Engaging But why does every lesson have to

entertain students with these new toys? Entertainment is not the same as engagement How could students in

Social Sciences
Language Arts
Foreign Language
Physical Education

Create an e-portfolio to store work and reflect on their progress? ? Entertainment is passive Engagement is active Engagement can and should be fun and exciting Our charge is to provide

meaningful and


engagement Students do not need to be entertained

They need to be engaged. These tools are no longer about pure entertainment So where does it start? With
YOU 2. Next step:
See what's out there

Find some sites
Try some software
Do some research 3. Collaborate

Don't do it all alone.
Plan carefully and ask
what other's have
found successful 4. Take a risk

Change cannot
occur without
conflict. Try it
and see what
happens. And remember the big picture.... No matter what content you teach....

No matter what skills you teach...

No matter what subject you teach...

The question to ask is... Entertainment is for enjoyment Entertainment is short-lived Entertainment doesn't require relevance Entertainment allows escape from problems Entertainment is using the creativity of others Engagement is for learning Engagement has long-term results Engagement is meaningful and applicable Engagement is solving problems Engagement is using the creativity
of the participant Do you really know your students? Imagine this... Welcome What are the indicators that a student
or group of students is
NOT engaged? What causes a person to disengage? What are some strategies or “tricks” that you use to stay engaged? Why is engagement vital to a student's success? Ramstein High School JANUARY 17, 2012 Steve Smith
4-12 ELA ISS
steven.smith@eu.dodea.edu Take 1 minute for each of these questions.
Write down your thoughts on a piece of paper. Thoughts, Comments, Ideas? 1: Start Small
Take a 3 X 5 Card
On one side write your First and Last Name
On the other side, write down one thing you are going to do to better engage 21st Century Learners in the future Exchange your postcard with someone in the room Keep the postcard you were given safe.

When you return in August, return the postcard to its owner and ask them if they followed through with their promise? Resources Free Encyclopedia that anyone can edit community for sharing instructional teacher videos a place to view, share, and upload videos a website dedicated to student video and media sharing for entertainment and classroom use. a collaborative space where information is shared iTunes - a place to store, share and listen to music, movies, and videos Internet and Video Phone Communications FolioSpaces can be the starting point for recording your life work... foliospaces.com Turn any writing into a newspaper clipping create your own social networking site Wordle.net create unlimited "word clouds" from any text Create Zooming Presentations In 2010 the average Facebook user posted 3 times a day
x 500 million Users =
1,500,000,000 posts a year In 2010, there were over 700 billion video views on YouTube! 460,000 accounts created per day during February 2011 Between 2008 and 2011 there has been a 5000% increase in the number of Twitter Employees 1 billion+ average number of tweets per week 572,000 on March 12, 2011 Ideas for the Classroom... Review/Comment on a novel The Secret Life of Bees My artistic representation of May's suicide note. posted by Shawn H, Period 2 There are many different forms of symbolism in chapters 13 & 14. Some of which are easy to see and some are harder.
...the long mourning period that August goes through... I feel this is symbolic because... Posted by Juan G., Period 4 Twitter ...now my students write blogs, design Flickr sets, upload video, and post works-in-progress on Twitter.
...they tweet about it so that I –and more importantly their peers – can check it out."
David Silver, Professor of Media Studies, U of San Fran. Creative Writing assignment:
Students write a collaborative story, 140 characters at a time. Keep up with Politicians, they all have Twitter accounts. Students stay attuned to current political activities. Foriegn Language
Converse with native speakers of the target language BLOGS Facebook Brainstorm Students are already familiar and comfortable! Classroom Discussions
24 hrs a day! Promotes Collaboration Follow News Feeds Share Multi-Media Skype invite a guest speaker
from anywhere
in the world Collaborate with other classrooms
around the world "Interview the author"
Skype Author Community Google Earth U.S. History Math Volumes of Solids Runway numbers correspond to the magnetic heading they are aligned with.
For example, Rwy 34 is aligned to a heading 340 degrees. USS Arizona
Memorial in
Pearl Harbor ELA After Reading a novel, have students locate
x number of locations in Google Earth.

"Around the World in 80 Days" Locate 10 cities mentioned in the book and why you would like to visit them? Shakespeare's Globe Theater Find all the locations mentioned in a Shakespeare play Free Apps for iProducts Math Ref Free
(Math Tutor) Maps of the World Vocabulistic
(Vocab Quizzes) gFlash
(create and share
flashcards for studying Formulas Free
(Calculus Formulas) Restaurant Nutrition
Eat healthy at a restaurant ...and 1000's more Twittories -
Twitter posts have a maximum limit of 140 characters. So Remember
BIG PICTURE Please Share Ideas
Learn about and Use:
Blogs Answer Guided Questions: What SYMBOLISM do you see in Chapters 13 & 14? How Well? We still need to teach standards based instruction, but.... How can you use this in math? It is Estimated that over 13 hours of video are posted every minute It would take 600 years to watch every video that is on YouTube today 1 and one-half Billion Jan. 2011 ~ 110 Million Tweets a Day What is the advantage of cardiovascular exercise? What does the term POSH imply and what is the origin of it? First of all, not every lesson has to be done with technology, however...
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