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spherical sector

No description

Kigia Valbuena

on 30 November 2014

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Transcript of spherical sector

spherical sector
Jeslie lim
kigia valbuena
denise yang

Spherical sector
A solid generated by revolving a sector of a great circle about a diameter of that circle.
Total surface AREA
Example problems
1/3 ZR
Z is the area of zone base
R is the radius of the sphere
Since Z = 2 (pi) Rh
v = 2/3 (pi) R^2 h
Zone + Lateral area of bounding cones
2 (pi) Rh + (pi) aR + (pi) bR
[(pi)R] 2h + a + b
but for Spherical Cone, b=0; thus
[(pi)R] 2h + a
1. The Spherical Sector is bounded by a zone and one or two conical surfaces.
2. The Spherical Sector having only one conical surface is called a spherical cone, otherwise it is called open spherical sector.
3. The base of a Spherical Sector is its zone.
1. Find the volume of a spherical sector
cut out of a sphere whose surface
area is 400 (pi) in^2 if the altitude
of the zone base is 3 in.
2. Find the volume of the spherical sector
cut out of a sphere of radius 16 cm, if the
altitude of the zone is 6 cm.
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