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Esperanza Rising

No description

ja bo

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Esperanza Rising

1. Mexican Revolution: Papa died after the Mexican Revolution trying to get away from bandits. Esperanza and her Mother had to leave the farm. pg.97

2. Tio Luis: Tio Luis gave a proposal to Mama to marry him for living arrangements. pg.31

3. Kern General Hospital: The Kern General Hospital is important because Esperanza's Mother is there recovering after getting dust spores. pg.162

4.Strikes: The strikes are important to the theme of the story because they wanted more people to join the the strike so that the company's that need work would go bankrupt.pg. 200-206
Top ten words
Top 5 Discussion Questions
1. Who do you think burned down Mama's
house? 43-45

2.What does "do not ever be afraid to start over" mean to you? pg.253

3.Why do you think the Author named the book Esperanza Rising? Book cover

4.Why do you think Esperanza explains what happens in California to Abuelita in food? pg. 246-247

5.Why do you think Miguel didn't tell Esperanza he was going to get Abuelita? pg.234-235
Favorite Scene
Rewritten By : Jacob Boehm
Esperanza Rising
5. Valley fever: Valley Fever was what Esperanza's Mother got sick from, in the dust storm.pg.155

6. Esperanza: Esperanza relates to the theme because it means hope in Spanish. [found on book cover]

7. Lucky: Even in bad times they found the good luck. [When they came to the work camp and found work]

8.Isabel: Relates to the story because Isabel helps Esperanza out and Esperanza helps out Isabel in return. pg.115

9. Dust spores: Esperanza's Mom got dust spores in her lungs so she got valley fever. pg.155

10. Hope: I think hope relates to the theme of the book because they never lost hope. [ when mama got sick and got better a year later]
Review of story
Esperanza Rising impacted me as a thinker and a reader. The book impacted me as a thinker by the quote at the end of the story which is "Never be afraid to start over." This a great quote because people don't think about starting over when life brings great challenge.

Esperanza Rising impacted me as a reader, because you never know what is going to happen at the end of the story.

Esperanza having to leave her home after her father died and her house burning down reminds me of my own life. As a military child, I have moved around a lot and have had a lot of different homes.

If I gave Pam Munoz Ryan a grade on Esperanza Rising, it would be an "A", because I think the book was awesome with an inspiring message.
Text to Life: My text to life connection is when Esperanza had to move to a different country from Mexico to the USA. Esperanza had to move because her uncle was after her Mother and their house burned down. My connection to Esperanza moving is when my family had to move to a different country because I was a Military child.

Text to movie: I think Lion King relates to Esperanza Rising because Esperanza has to rise to challenges after her father died, working for money, and doing chores. Lion King relates to the story because Simba's father died when he was just a young cub. Simba had to rise to the challenge of learning how to find food, taking care of himself and looking out for the pride.

Text to text: Esperanza Rising relates to a book called "All For The Better" by Nicholasa Mohr. This book is about a girl named Evelina, who has to leave her family in Puerto Rico to go live with her Aunt in New York City. Evelina's mother was having a difficult time making ends meet with three children during the Great Depression. Evelina has to rise to the challenge of starting over in a new country just as Esperanza did.
News in Mexico
Today, in Aguascalientes, Mexico, there was a raging house fire. The house was completely destroyed. Fortunately, everyone inside the house got out safely. There are no suspects under arrest for starting the fire, so the investigation continues. If you have any information regarding this house fire, please contact the local police station at 910-555-1212.
Dear Isabel,

Thank you very much for helping me along the way. I appreciate all your encouragement and concern. I will try to repay you back for teaching me what to do with all the chores. Now, in return, I will teach you how to make your own beautiful blanket. Thank you for all that you have done for me.

Love Esperanza
Dear Esperanza,

Thank you for the letter. I am excited to learn how to crotchet and make my own beautiful blanket. I enjoy the time we spend together. I remember the saying "never be afraid to start over". Take care, thank you.

Love Isabel
Rewritten By : Jacob Boehm
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