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Bridge to Wiseman's cove

No description

Manu Nand

on 3 August 2013

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Transcript of Bridge to Wiseman's cove

Bridge To Wiseman's Cove
To Sarah
From Carl and Harley

Wattle Beach

designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
Wiseman's Cove
Carl bumps into Joy Duncan and finds out that she is Maddie's mum. The Duncan's live in Wiseman's cove on Bede Island. Everyone needs to go across by barge. Two barges are in a competition. One called 'Wattle Lady' and another called 'A Bridge to Wiseman's cove. Joy and Skip run a barge together and Joy isn't happy that Carl is a Matt, but Carl wanted to be there when the Osprey was being released. Skip really needed someone to help out because he loves the barge and doesn't want it to go out of business.
Good Friday
The next day Carl went down to see Skip with Harley because Carl didn't want to leave Harley with Beryl. Skip needed Carl to work hard because it was Good Friday and today was extra busy. Justine was there at Wiseman's cove and Harley seemed happy with Joy. The osprey was also recovering well. Harley bakes another cake with Joy. Justine and Carl talk for a while and Carl learns that Maddie's little brother died quite young and that her parents were hoping to replace him when Maddie was born
Going Away Party
Justine is having a going away party for Maddie and invites Carl and it's a pizza party. Carl gets to the party a bit early and spends time with Justine. Carl is losing a bit of weight working at the barge and is starting to feel good about himself. Nathan has also been invited. Everyone in town seems that Carl is the hero of Skip's barge. Nathan gives Maddie a bracelet and tries to get her out of the room, but Carl blocks there path and starts an argument. Carl now stood up for himself and others using his size to his advantage

Carl is an awkward lumpy 15 year-old that just wants to be loved. Carl, Harley and Sarah have all different dads and are all siblings. All their dads walked away from the family when they were all very little. Kerry was then left to look after the kids. Sometimes she takes 'holidays' and leaves the kids for Sarah to look after them. It's nearly Christmas and it has been two months since mum left us.
This time she didn't return!
Leaving Home
Sarah sells everything they've got and she goes overseas for a holiday and has been planning this before Kerry left. She decides to send Carl and Harley to Wattle Beach where Aunt Beryl lives. Harley is excited. So they pack as many clothes that can fit into zipper bags and Sarah puts them onto a bus to Wattle Beach.

'I'm only nineteen. Only nineteen.' muffled Sarah.

Sarah hasn't yet matured for the responsibility of looking after the two boys and she isn't ready. She doesn't want to leave them but has too for her own good.
Arriving at Wattle Beach
When the boys arrive at Wattle Beach, Aunt Beryl is very unwelcoming and they live in terrible conditions. She only has a room with no mattresses, just blankets. Aunt Beryl only keeps the boys because of the social security payments for Carl and doesn't want any responsibility of looking after them. Aunt Beryl shows the boys no love.
It's also very hot in Wattle Beach and Harley loves riding on his bike during the holidays. ' Carl floated in a sea of families where everyone, it seemed, walked, spoke or laughed with at least one other - a daughter, a father, a mate.' Carl lives in a dysfunctional family and struggles within his own family to find the support and love that he needs.
Carl starts to explore the town and he notices this beautiful girl and he decides to follow her around to the beach. He watches her and her friend while he also gets badly sunburnt on the beach. Carl can't stop thinking about that nameless girl. Harley gets caught by the police because he's been stealing junk food from the general store and Aunt Beryl complains to Carl the she doesn't want to take up any responsibilities because of Carl. '......The boy's your responsibility. Not mine. Uncontrollable you lot are. .....'

The cafe
Every morning Carl goes to the bus stop hoping to see that his mum is one of the passengers.
At the cafe Carl finds the girl with her friend Justine. Justine and the nameless girl are meeting together with some guys and Carl finds out that the nameless girl has a boyfriend named Nathan . Nathan is all over her and he trips over a chair while the others in the group are amused by this incident.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Aunt Beryl is still upset that Sarah hasn't returned. Carl buys Harley and Aunt Beryl presents for Christmas with all the money he has left.Aunt Beryl goes to the Bowls club where there's a party on New Year's Eve. On New Year's Eve the brothers are left alone and Nathan gets Maddie drunk that night . Carl finds out her name and helps her back to Justine's house. Maddie throws up all over him and he cleans himself up and then goes back to the bonfire on the beach where his brother is asleep. Carl can't stop thinking about her.
School starts
Aunt Beryl was worried sick by January because Sarah didn't return . She wanted to send them back at the end of the month. Aunt Beryl now knows that the boys have been dumped on her Beryl finds that new tenants have moved into there old house. She throws them out and because she still wants the social security money she takes them back in again. The boys are now enrolled into Hendon High school. They have a bus trip and they go to the same school as Maddie and Justine. Carl starts to see Beryl as his mum but Beryl reminds him that he isn't his mother. 'I'm not your mother Carl.'

Beryl heard about the fight that Harley got into at school . Beryl had to look after him for a while and he chained his bike up. Harley then gets the spray paint and graffiti's half of the shops in the town. Beryl beats Harley up and threatens to put him into a foster care. Carl stands up for him and says that she won't get any social security money if she continues to hurt Harley. Beryl then lets them stay. Carl comes home from work the next day and finds that Harley is handcuffed and chained. Bruce and Beryl chained him up so he'd stop stealing from shops. Carl couldn't seem to get the chains off so he went down to the bowls club and demanded Beryl to give him the keys. For the first time Carl stood up for himself and his brother. It was a turning point for him in his life.
Skip Duncan
Carl wants to work with Skip on the barge even on low wages. Joy doesn't want him to work with Skip because of the curse. Skip is willing to take Carl until he finds out that he is a Matt. He starts to argue with Joy and then Joy goes back to Skip to say that Carl can have the job. Carl's grandfather Dessie Matt worked with Skip 20 years ago at a timber mill. Dessie was given a sack and blamed Skip. Dessie tried to scare Skip by driving in his ute close by to him at the beach and he accidentally lost control and now Skip limps around. Joy tries to talk him into giving Carl a job.
Carl starts work on the barge early in the morning. He wore his school pants and shirt with a cap like a ship's captain. Carl started to direct cars onto Skips barge and they made a lot of money that day. Carl discovered hose and pressure pump and had another idea to get more business. He rinsed the salt off the cars coming back from Wiseman's ferry. Business picked up again but it was still hard work for Carl. Skip was impressed and started to get closer to Carl . Harley was being mischievous at school so Harley would go with Joy for a day to bake some cake and Harley also seemed happy around her.
In the Kitchen
Harley drops the bowl and loses his temper and starts to swear. Carl gets between Joy and Harley trying to protect him. Joy is disappointed and can't believe that Carl would ever think she could hurt Harley. Things calm down and they make another cake. Joy finds out how long Kerry has been gone and wants to go to the police. She tells them that Carl has been a great help and that they might be able to save the business. Joy has the boys to stay over Easter. Joy notices that Carl gets tired because of all the holiday traffic and demands that he has a day off once a week. Carl and Justine are closer and talk more about his mum.
Harley Missing
Harley steals $10 from Beryl and gets kicked out so Joy takes him in for a week. There is a boating accident and the boats overturn. Harley drifts away in the current and is missing for 3 hours. Carl starts to get worried and begs Skip to help find his brother. Carl begs Skip to forget about the past and his leg and help him. Skip finally says yes. Everyone else searches for a dead body but Skip knows the tides. They finally find Harley on a sandbank alive. Harley stays with the Duncan's . Joy and Skip want to take Harley in to live live with them. He will also be better off without Beryl.
Curse of the Matts
Carl finds out from Beryl what actually happens in the accident and also finds out that the accident that crippled Skip also killed his small son Graham. That's why he hates all the Matts. Bruce blames Beryl for not getting Carl to take the job which he offered. Carl continues to work for Skip but can't talk to Skip about the accident. Skip realizes that it will probably be the end of the business. Carl is heart broken that the business will stop because he had become so attached to the work.
A letter arrives at Beryl's house saying the the money for Carl's social security is being cut off because he's 16 now. Beryl needs money to feed the boys and she can't manage without money so she wants Carl to quit school and get a job. Harley has been skipping school and so Beryl threatens Carl that she'll put him into an orphanage. Carl gets a job as groundsman at the Bowl's club. After that Carl searches for another job.
Getting a job
Carl and Joy go to 'missing persons' and Carl recognizes his mum in one of the photos and the policeman said that she was in a bus accident but had no ID. Joy and Carl drive home and then Carl runs into the forest and brakes down crying. Joy knew that the woman was his mum. Joy then comforts him. Carl tells her that he knows about her son and how he died. When they get back to Wattle Beach Carl finds that Beryl has taken off , probably with Bruce. Carl takes his belongings and heads down to the beach where Justine finds him. She tells him that everyone has been looking for him. Carl goes to Joy and she tells him that his mum was coming back to them and it was just another one of her holidays.
Missing People
On Anzac day Harley, Carl, Justine and Maddie head off with Joy to the Champagne pools. Maddie is moving to the city and says that she is over with Nathan. Maddie relizes how much the barge means to Skip. Joy found a spot to release the Osprey and Carl helped. It was a magical moment for all of them especially Carl. It gave him a chance to release all the guilt captured inside of him. Afterward's they all go swimming and they rub sunscreen over each other and talk.
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