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K-Pop Madness

No description

Fohla Casey Dalton

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of K-Pop Madness

21% of South Korean teens aspire to be K-Pop stars.
Agencies recruit singers in their early teens.
Children as young as 9 start training for a K-Pop career.
95% of performers have had plastic surgery.
Why is this documentary important?
K-Pop is popular with teenagers in the UK.
Topical because of K-Pop craze.
Raising awareness of what goes on beneath the glamour.
Retired stars.
Plastic surgeons.
Archive footage of performances.
Agencies based in Seoul.
Plastic surgeons based in Seoul.
Flights around £305
Fast paced.
Bright, colourful graphics.
Compilation + interviews.
Comparison to mellow colour tones and a melancholy feel for interviews.
Biggest foreign markets are in Japan, China and Australia.
Global sales of £18m in 2009.
"many top artists make more money from one week in Japan than they do in one year in Korea" - Bernie Cho, head of DFSB Kollective
The K-Pop Factory
The aim of this documentary is to explore the 'dark side' of the K-Pop industry.
1 in 5 South Korean women have had plastic surgery.
This is attributed to influence of K-Pop.
Groups often sign 7 year contracts.
Companies have all rights to their face and image.
They are often not allowed relationships whilst under contract.
K-Pop hopefuls move to Seoul to start their career.

History of popular entertainment.
Life cycle.
'Two worlds, one mentality'
The journey from human to product
Girls Generation - A leading
k-pop band
Half a million dollars
invested in each member
14-hour days, 7am starts
Monitored diets
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