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IBCC Sport Approaches To Learning at Impington

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Michael Stagg

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of IBCC Sport Approaches To Learning at Impington

Approaches To Learning ATL IBCC Sports Core at Impington
International Sixth Form Developing communication skills is important to your academic progress and your future career. Question:
How important are communication skills in professional Sport? Critical Thinking
e.g. To what extent can technology assist in decision making in sport? Thinking Skills Is there a relationship between Emotional Intelligence and sporting ability? Putting it all together What is Intelligence? Develop new skills
by investigating BIG QUESTIONS Issues related to sport
and your career
related skills Intercultural Understanding What are the characteristics of the culture that you are part of? This course will enable you to develop skills that will help you to be successful in a Sport related career and in your other studies. You will be challenged to draw on personal resources and skills and to engage critically with the world around you. Some professional sports people have excellent communication skills but for some things can go wrong. What advice would you give them? Reflect on your skills and plan to improve them How are other cultures different? How much is Sport an important part of our culture? How are the Sports of other cultures different? Ethical thinking
e.g. When does seeking an advantage become cheating? Problem solving
e.g. How can we reduce prejudice and discrimination in sport? Is there a link between IQ and sporting performance? How could we test our hypothesis? How can you ensure that you perform to your potential in education and in the work place? What is your level of employability and how can you raise it? ATL
Learn skills
Enjoy sport
Prepare for your career
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