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MGMT 4230 - Louis Vuitton in Japan

No description

Sebastian Kohlstädt

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of MGMT 4230 - Louis Vuitton in Japan

in A perfect match? Louis Vuitton Key Facts
the worlds biggest luxury brand
established in France 1854, first overseas store 1885 in London
Annual sales 3.8 Billion U$D, twice the size of its two main competitors (2004)
High focus on quality: lifelong quality warranty
KPI: Product-Development, Marketing PRS:

With whom should LV cooperate in Japan in the future? Agenda 1. Company Background
2. The Japanese Luxury market
3. Louis Vuitton's strategy in Japan
4. Louis Vuitton's current situation
5. Future challenges and outlook
6. Questions and Answers Q&A The threat of new Asian luxury brands (Shanghai Tang, Ne Tiger, Japanese designers…)
Evolution of the LV buyers How to stay competitive in this strategic market place ? Challenges LV might face in Japan 1: Campaign with the Japanese-Argentinian model Jessica Michibata. 2: Cooperate with the contemporary artist Yoshitomo Nara. 3: Cooperate with the controversial artist Makoto Wada. Improvement of the CRM system 2/ Customer Relationship Management (1/2) Online communication : Iphone Appli linked to event

Found raising after climate disasters 1 / Product development (2/2) Product customization – the second step after Exclusivity
New partnership with local designer : Yayoi Kusama 1 / Product development (1/2) In store experience

Improvement of HR training 3/ The customer experience
--> Current objective : enhancement of the triple play strategy Louis Vuitton today
in the Japanese market “Green” & Charity Products
Differentiates from competitors
Use “green” trend as selling point
Improves Brand Image Recommendations New Collaborations
Freshness factor
Create hype
Increase awareness
Represents Japanese art Recommendations Sell the “customization” options
Younger people growing more individualistic
Add more customization options Recommendations #1 Leader of Luxury Brands Worldwide

Reputation for Quality and Life-time Guarantees

Well established distribution networks in Japan Strengths Japan Luxury market not saturated
Small to Medium Cities still not reached

Group oriented culture

Japan still profitable after recession

Old vs Young Opportunities
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