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The Trial

No description

Justin Miller

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of The Trial

The Look
The Trial
Reference Films
Zach Shires as Donald
Brynn Elders as Sara
Avery Pohl as Melanie
Matthew Slade as Matty
Works Cited
The Cast
Fig 40: Photo by IMDB

Fig.41: Screen shot Petulia's Elsewhere,Zachary Johnson, (2012)
Fig.43: Screen shot by Justin Miller
Fig 41: Photo by Imdb
Production Design
Light & Color
Shot Composition
- warm, southern courtroom
- lighting feels "natural" - motivated by window light - soft shadows
... combined with bright backgrounds for a more "comedy" feel
The Look
The basics
Depth between characters
and a Graduate-inspired ending...
The Look
More Lighting Plans
The Look
Lighting Plan
- gel tungsten lights to match daylight from windows
- shift white balance warmer in-camera
- key light around 4 to 5.6
- 3:1 contrast ratio
- no filters

Production Challenges
1. Location is on 2nd floor
- will plan for extra time for first setup & wrap
A Time to Kill
Bugsy Malone
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Legally Blonde
Scent of a Woman
The Verdict
My Cousin Vinny
The Rainmaker
The Verdict
The Graduate
location photos
by Lauren Hammond
lighting plans by Lauren Hammond
lighting plans by Lauren Hammond
The Verdict
Liar Liar
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