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on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Tecniospring

TECNIOSPRING is a new fellowship programme that
provides financial support to individual mobility proposals presented by experienced researchers in liaison with a TECNIO centre.
Fellows will be offered 2-year employment contracts in order to develop their applied research projects.
Between 2013 and 2015 there will be 4 different calls in which 56 fellows will be selected.

TECNIOSPRING is supported by ACCIÓ, the Catalan Agency for Business Competitiveness of the Government of Catalonia, and co-funded by the 7th Framework Programme of Research and Technological Development of the European Union.
Types of fellowships
Mobility outside Spain for experienced researchers of any nationality that reside in Catalonia willing to join a research or technology centre or R&D department of a private company for one year. This scheme will include a return phase of one more year to a TECNIO centre.
Mobility for experienced researchers of any
nationality willing to join a TECNIO centre for
2 years.
The network that gathers all major actors in applied research and technology transfer in Catalonia.

The umbrella brand for Catalan technology centres and university research groups dedicated to industrial research and technology transfer.

A synonym for cutting-edge technology, business innovation and management excellence.

Consult the TECNIO directory:
Funding outgoing+return
Funding incoming
40.000 € per year x correction factor during the stay abroad
Salary costs (including Social Security coverage)
56.000 € per year
Research costs
Mobility costs
Up to 8.640 € per year
Up to 960 € per year
Elegibility criteria
Level of experience
Mobility conditions
Commitment to the Charter & Code
Some examples of the correction factor for outgoing+return fellowships
1. PhD or four years of full-time equivalent research experience.
2. Experience in applied research and/or
technology transfer activities.
1. PhD and four additional years of full-time equivalent research experience; or eight years of full-time equivalent research experience.
2. One year of full-time equivalent experience in applied research and/or technology transfer activities.
3. Certified experience in the management of research groups.
Researchers must not have resided or
carried out their main activity in the
country of their host organization for
more than 12 months in the 2 years
immediately prior to the deadline for the
submission of applications.
Exceptions will be made for candidates
with justified career breaks.
The TECNIO centre has to sign a
declaration of endorsement to the
“European Charter for Researchers” and
the “Code of Conduct for the
Recruitment of Researchers".
Evaluation process
Evaluation process will be based on
open, widely advertised competition, with
transparent international peer review and
selection of candidates on merits.
Eligible applications will be evaluated
against predetermined evaluation criteria,
applying predefined weighting factors
and thresholds.
CV of the experienced researcher (40%)
Quality and feasibility of the project (40%)
Research career development
TECNIOSPRING programme seeks to help experienced researchers to develop their
personal research careers. Fellows' main activities will consist in a training-through-research project and complementary technology transfer training activities.
Host institutions will offer fellows a stimulating and multidisciplinary scientific environment in which to develop their applied research projects with focus on technology transfer.
For more information, please contact us
Help desk
42.520,59 €
37.847,16 €
46.083,13 €
40.873,40 €
42.788,74 €
44.665,77 €
29.266,42 €
51.829,15 €
43.478,26 €
38.306,84 €
39.954,03 €
32.101,13 €
40.145,57 €
34.131,39 €
35.510,44 €
29.189,81 €
31.641,45 €
26.163,57 €
27.389,39 €
29.994,25 €
29.074,89 €
28.002,30 €
50.526,72 €
43.325,03 €
44.244,40 €
35.357,21 €
33.173,72 €
44.665,77 €
32.560,81 €
20.226,01 €
44.397,62 €
40.298,79 €
31.986,21 €
27.006,32 €
40.222,18 €
36.046,73 €
38.077,00 €
26.968,01 €
32.101,13 €
33.097,11 €
22.409.50 €
35.242,29 €
28.921,66 €
28.845,05 €
27.542,62 €
25.703,89 €
Scientific and technological trajectory and implementation capacity of the host(s) organization(s) (20%)
37.349,17 €
35.165,68 €
32.982,19 €
25.703,89 €
CV of the experienced researcher (30%)
Incoming and Outgoing+return
Scientific and technological trajectory and implementation capacity of the host(s) organization(s) (30%)
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