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Climate Change in Nigeria

No description

Giordan Ismael

on 15 December 2016

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Transcript of Climate Change in Nigeria

Climate Change in Nigeria

How Nigeria Adapts to Climate Change
Trying to find new farming techniques
Women persuaded Nigerian courts to end flaring
Ended flaring in western parts of the Niger Delta
Organizations are trying to help
Environmental Rights Action
Nigerian Environmental Study/Action Team (NEST)

Basic Information
located in West Africa
one of top oil producing countries
population- 173.6 million people
socialism and capitalism
federal republic
many landforms and wild reserves
1/3 larger than Texas
Impact of Climate change in Nigeria
How Nigeria is trying to Reduce Emission
Oil firms are saying that they are trying to reduce flaring
Reducing the use of fossil fuels
Want to use solar energy
Paris Agreement Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC)
Agreed to end gas flaring by 2030
Nigeria's response to climate change
Women protested against oil companies to stop flaring
Woman are very mad because they can't farm with all the climate change
many organizations are trying to help
protests and some deadly
Severe heat
Water scarcity
Lead to extreme drought
Flooding occurs because of sea level rising
Houses scattered along hazardous areas and wetlands
Damage to agriculture and acid rain

a change in weather patterns
global warming- a increase in temperature
2.5 million barrels of gasses per day
more green house gasses then sub-Saharan African
Climate Change and Global Warming
climate action network-
Climate Scoreboard-

Picture Sources
Crazy Nigeria: a Generator Republic... (Real-Life Nollywood Movie)
Foreign Policy Association
By Madison Schiller, Peter Schuh, Giordan Ismael pd.5
respiratory problems
skin rashes
eye irritations
reproductive and developing effects
lung damage
deformities in children
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