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No description

Nichole Dino

on 19 August 2016

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Welcome to Ms. Dino's 9th Grade English Class
Ms. Nichole Dino
English I
English I Honors
English I Honors Gifted
English iPrep
Advanced Placement Literature and Composition
Teacher Web
Find Your Teacher
(Your Period) NewsFlash

Free Write Topic
What characteristics of a Chief are indicated in the picture?

How are you going to live up to these characteristics?

Classroom Rules
Be Responsible
Be a True Citizen
Be Cooperative
Be Fair
Be Kind
Be Honest
Pursue Excellence
Have Integrity

1 Duo tang folder to hold loose-leaf paper
Loose leaf paper - no pages torn from spiral notebooks will be accepted
Navy blue or black ink pens. NO WHITE-OUT. Pencils may only be used on formal tests.
USB flash drive
All students MUST have some computer access MOST WORK WILL BE ASSIGNED THROUGH TECHNOLOGY (Friend, School Library, Family Member)
What is this unit all about?
Considering the activities, expectations and data, what is going to be your goal for this year to lead to success?
Expectations: Unity
Free Write (15)
Agenda (5)
Introduction (5)
Expectations: Getting to Know Your Classmates (20)
Expectations: Problem Solving (20)
Lego Challenge
Expectations: Decision Making (20)
Don’t Rock the Boat!
Expectations: M-DCPS Values
It's a Wrap
Wrap Up/Home Learning (5)
What will I be doing on the website?
Looking at My Homework
Downloading documents, prezis, PowerPoints, etc.
Blogging/Communicating with Teacher and Peers
Receiving NewsFlashes from Teacher
E-mailing the Teacher
How To Head Your Paper/Your Document
Back of Paper/Last Page of Document
Front of Paper
Ice Breaker Reflection Paper
Take two sheets of paper and staple them together
Head your paper correctly
You will label the tops of the paper as follows:
Lego Challenge
Don’t Rock the Boat!
You will be reflecting on each of these activities
My expectation with this exercise: I want you to get to know the people in your class.
• Each student will receive a sheet of printing paper and write their name (first and last) on the back.

• Each student will divide that paper into four quadrants

• Each student will write three truths about themselves that people wouldn’t normally know about them (e.g. something they enjoy doing, visiting somewhere, talent, etc.) and also write one lie. It should be something that would be believable . They can be written in any order.
Step 1
Step 3
• Students will walk around the room with a loose leaf sheet of paper.

• As they are walking they are to flip the paper over and write the persons name and what they believe to be the lie for each classmate.

• As a class we will discuss what you thought was a lie and the classmate will reveal the real lie.
Step 2
• Students will reflect on:

• Their experience with each other and themselves
• What they feel they received from the activity
• What this activity tells them about the class
Lego Challenge
My expectation with this exercise: I want you to be able to problem solve.
Step 1
Students will get into groups of 4

Students will be told what they will be doing with the Legos

Students will then decide what their strategy is for conquering the task and decide the order they will come put to the teacher
Step 2
Each student will have 45 seconds to come up and look at the teacher's Lego formation

Each student will then have 2 minutes to help his/her group put together the structure
This will repeat for all four students
Step 3
Students will then walk around the room and see how close their peers got to the teacher's structure

Students will reflect on:
Their experience with each other and themselves
What they feel they received from the activity
What this activity tells them about the class.
Don't Rock the Boat!
My expectation for this exercise: I want you to be able to make decisions that are justified and rational.
Step 1
Students will get into a group of 8

The groups will sit on the sheet that is already placed on the floor

Groups will then pick up the labels that have titles on it

The group members will have 4 minutes to decide which title they want and put it on
Step 2
Music will be playing and and while the music is playing the group members will convince their group members they (their title) are important to stay on the boat

When the music stops, the group must “throw someone overboard”

Catch: Your group must write down a reason they decided to throw each person overboard
Step 3
Students will reflect on:

Their experience with each other and themselves

What they feel they received from the activity

What this activity tells them about the class

Get your materials
DUE: O (9/2) E (9/1)

Subscribe to TeacherWebSite
DUE: O (9/2) E (9/1)

Information You Need to Know

Make sure ALL of your teachers initial your schedule

Duplicate schedules will not be issued

Index Card:
Write your name & period
Right hand side of the index card
Write down your schedule
Including Period/Subject/Teacher/Room #

Student Schedule Changes
Student Schedules
Emergency Contact Cards
Needs to have correct information because:

You cannot sign yourself out even if you are 18 years of age
Emergency purposes
Leaving early from school
Free Reduced Meal Application
Need to fill out a new free or reduced lunch form for this school year
Online: Look Under Parent Portal
Continue until Monday, September 21st, 2015
All forms must have:
Period 1 Homeroom Teacher Name
Room Number
Student ID#
Full Name ans School Name on line #4
Student Code of Conduct Parent Letter

Need to be aware as to what the consequences/expectations are for the district
School Insurance Applications
If you are in need of the insurance, sign up.
Student Bus Transportation Discrepancy Form
Students will not be able to ride the school bus without a postcard of bus pass

If you have any concerns with transportation fill out the Bus Transportation Form
Schedule Changes
Students are to follow their schedule until the Student Services Department makes a schedule change

Schedule Changes are to be made for the following reasons:
Scheduled for a class you have already passed
Inappropriately placed due to your academic or grade level
Special Programs (i.e., gifted, SPED, Law Magnet, Dual Enrollment and AP)
Uniform Policy
Will include your ID
Make sure you adhere to these rules
It's a Wrap
My expectation with this exercise: I want you to be able to know M-DCPS values.
Step 1
Students will get into groups of 3

Students will then receive a Core Value from the instructor
Step 2
Students will think of a wrap that is no longer than 45 seconds explaining their core value
Step 3
Students will then reflect on:
Their experience with each other and themselves

What they feel they received from the activity

What this activity tells them about the class
Free Write
What are you beginning to learn about the school? Explain.

What are you beginning to learn about your teachers? Explain.
Free Write
What has been the most difficult aspect of high school? Explain in 4+ sentences.

How do you plan to overcome this obstacle? Why do you know your strategy will work?
E-mail: Miss_nichole_dino@yahoo.com
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