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christiano ronaldo

No description

Loida Mansourian

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of christiano ronaldo

started playing when he was 6 Born : Funchal, Madeira, Portugal Plays for Manchester United, Real Madrid, Portugal Born:February 5, 1985 26 years old Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro He was chosen to paly for Andorinha team at the age of 12. 2008 he became known as the worlds best soccer player. Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal to his mother Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro and his father
José Dinis Aveiro. He grew up
with a brother, Hugo, and
two sisters, Elma and Katia. Played his first proffesional game agains Madeira scoring two goals. 767 goals in his whole carrer October 15,2009 his book got published. Cristiano Ronaldo is the higgest paid footbal (soccer) player today. Made his own
shampoo product for men "Clear". March 16,2009 Cristiano Ronaldo donated 100,000 to the hospital that helped saved his mother's life from breast cancer. Loida Mansourian
period: 5 He loved the game so much he'd miss meals or escape out of his bedroom window with a ball when he was supposed to be doing his homework.
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