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Paper Sculptures

No description

Mark Wavra

on 19 January 2012

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Transcript of Paper Sculptures

1. experiment x 5 2. sketch
sketch and shade your 5 experiments for drawing practice 3. replicate 4. assemble 5. stimulus for drawing ORGANIC/GEOMETRIC INTEREST Rhythm Pattern Depth Negative Space/inner space STRUCTURE
Balance Detail SCULPTURE FORMS are dimensional
SHAPES are flat Sculpture explores FORM and STRUCTURE think with your fingers Anchor Pieces 4:
"Positive/Negative Space"
"It breathes"
"Artist took a risk" 3:
"Artist really tried" 2:
"Little risk"
"Easy to get"
"Common" 1:
"Done" *no origami, paper airplanes, etc.--experiment create 5 different small
paper forms by cutting,
folding, tearing, scoring... fold roll crease *use only white glue,
no tape, staples, clips,
pins, etc. *structure may not be glued to a base
and must be able to be picked up with one hand 3-D structure becomes
the source material
for a 2-D design
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