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AmeriCorps 101

No description

Wendy Heller

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of AmeriCorps 101

Training Objectives
AmeriCorps Terms and Concepts
AmeriCorps Terms and Concepts (cont.)
Who are AmeriCorps Members?
Enrolled for a specific term of service with an AmeriCorps program.
AmeriCorps 101
Key AmeriCorps Grant Terminology for Reviewers
Describe CNCS’ AmeriCorps Program
Define basic AmeriCorps Grant Concepts & Terminology
Identify the Focus Areas and describe the differences between the Categories of AmeriCorps Grant Opportunities
AmeriCorps Focus Areas
AmeriCorps State & National Grants
State Service
The direct recipient of the grant funds
Operating solely within one state
Operating in two or more states. This program receives an AmeriCorps grant directly from CNCS
Comprised of board nominated and appointed by a state’s governor who oversee the implementation of national/community service and volunteer initiatives in their state
Operating Sites and
Service Locations
The local organizations which receive the
grand funds from the Grantee to implement
the grant activities on the local level.
Describes the place where a member
conducts the service activities
Engaged in National Service and are not volunteers or employees.
Some receive a living allowance, health insurance and child care assistance to support them during their term of service.
Receive the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award upon successfully completing a term of service
Subject to criminal history checks
Member Terminology
Member Service Year (MSY)
AmeriCorps member term/slot type
One Member Service Year is equivalent to one full-time AmeriCorps member (not always equivalent to one person—see slot type below).
AmeriCorps funds are contingent on the number of MSYs requested by the program.
full time
half time
reduced half time
quarter time
minimum time
AmeriCorps Program Design
Design/structure of AmeriCorps programs vary - not prescriptive or cookie-cutter
Members can provide their service with the organization receiving the AmeriCorps grant, or Members could be placed at community organizations by the grant recipient.
Members can serve as a team on a single project or Members could be placed individually or in small groups on various projects.
Members serve as teachers, health care providers, police officers, engineers, or other professionals in communities where there is an inadequate number of such professionals.
AmeriCorps State Grants
Professional Corps Grants
National Direct Grants
Education Award Programs (EAP) Fixed Amount Grants
US Territories & Indian Tribe Grants
Categories of Funding for
2013 AmeriCorps Review
Next Steps
Continue reading the AmeriCorps Peer Review Handbook
Participate in the next Orientation Session
Homework: complete and submit assessment questions to PeerReviewers@cncs.gov
Assessment Questions
1. Which AmeriCorps Program serves as a full-time residential program for men and women, ages 18-24 who serving in short-term projects across the country?

A. AmeriCorps NCCC
B. AmeriCorps State ad National
C. AmeriCorps Capacity Building
D. AmeriCorps VISTA
2. List the six AmeriCorps Focus Areas
Please email your answers to: PeerReviewers@cns.gov
AmeriCorps State and National
AmeriCorps VISTA
AmeriCorps NCCC
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