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Roman Architecture

No description

Luke Steele

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Roman Architecture

Modern Influence of Roman Architecture
Romans were the first to use concrete
It was made by combining a stone aggregate with lime mortar
It was used In the Pantheon
American Adoption
Cement is used in buildings across the country
It provides a sturdy foundation for homes and other structures
Romans made an adaptation of Greek columns
Preferred monolithic columns
They could be found in the Roman Colosseum
They are commonly used in government owned buildings and monuments
we use columns with the same design
American Adoption
Romans created multiple level buildings designed to maximize housing space in a small area
Remains of these types of roman buildings can be found in Ostia, Rome
Apartment Blocks
Modern architects create skyscrapers like these to house many people on many floors
They are mostly found in cities
American Adoption
The Influence of innovative Roman building materials, structures, and tools on modern architecture
Transported water to cities
were many kilometers long
American Adoption
All cities and towns have water system
houses receive fresh water through pipes
Domes were used in buildings like the pantheon for decoration and they provided a structurally sound ceiling with no beams
Domes have been included in modern buildings such as the capitol building in Hartford
American Adoption
The influence of Roman city planning techniques on modern architecture
Roman city planning
Main avenues of each city bisected the sides of the city and intersected in the center
The other roads formed a checkerboard grid pattern
American City planning
Cities today like Washington D.C. and New York have similar grid patterns of streets
At the center of every roman city, there was a place called a Forum
here, people conducted important business and traded
City Center
City Center
Many modern towns in America have town centers where people conduct business and trade
Unionville Center is a good example of this
Roman cities had intricate sewer systems under them
They removed waste water from the street
All modern cities and towns have sewer systems under them
They remove runoff from the streets
Roman sewers have also influenced water processing plants that process waste water from homes
American Adoption
Romans followed a strict set of laws regarding buildings
One example is that buildings could only be 4 to 5 stories in the front of the buildings
Building Codes
Now there are zoning laws that make it illegal to build certain buildings in certain areas
Also, buildings have to be inspected to see if they are safe
American Adoption
The Roman Colosseum Is a great example of conveying wealth power and status
8,000 tons of expensive marble was used in its construction
The paths, ramps, and stairs near the entrances were intricate, fancy and decorated with mosaics
In the Colosseum, there was a large section dedicated to the Emperor
Americans have adopted the Roman desire to show off wealth, status, and power through architecture
Wealth and status conveyed through buildings
Wealthy or powerful Americans typically purchase or build large houses
Picture Citations
Pantheon: http://www.paradoxplace.com/Perspectives/Rome%20&%20Central%20Italy/Rome/Ancient_Rome/Images/800/Pantheon-May05-D1991sAR800.jpg
Roman Colosseum:
Lincoln Memorial
The white house
water pipes
Capitol building
Roman map
Washington dc
roman Forum
Roman tunnel
American Sewer system
Other american sewer
Roman mosaic
Ancient Rome
emperor's box
High res Capital Building
Bill gates house
Vladamir Putin’s house
Ancient Roman architecture influences America today through our adoption of their innovative building materials and structures, along with their city planning techniques, and the common Roman desire to convey wealth, status, and power through buildings.

The Colosseum's base was raised above ground level so it would tower above all buildings
Large columns and arches were incorporated to give the impression of grandness and power
One Building that exemplifies the adoption of this desire to convey wealth, status, and power, is our nation's Capital Building

American Adoption

The dome in this building by itself costs $1,047,291 to construct
The amazing attention to detail and decoration shows off the cost of the building
The size, flag, and symmetry of this buildings conveys the high importance and status of the building
The use of columns and a dome give the Capitol Building the look of a powerful place similarly to the columns in the Roman Colosseum and the dome in the Pantheon
Bill Gate's house
Vladamir Putin's house
Ancient Roman architecture influences America today through our adoption of their innovative building materials and structures, along with their city planning techniques, and the common Roman desire to convey wealth, status, and power through buildings.

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Roman Architecture, Wikipedia

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Thank You
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