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kittens are cute


on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Kittens!

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr They are so cute and lovable and sweet. Most people love kittens/cats but, their claws can be a bit scary. Kittens!! Kittens are usually lazy and love to sleep. Some also sleep about 2 hours every afternoon or even more. Some are funny and have different personalities. Some kittens get scared , and when they are, usually their hair will stand up in the back. Some are just protective and mean , maybe even wild! Some are stingy! some love hugs! What to expect with your cat or kitten. They come very small. They get a bit bigger over time. Then quicker then you expected their full grown! Most are playful But Some are very lazy and love to sleep. Kittens are playful when they are little because their body is so small it carries lots of energy! When they are full grown they are usually very lazy and sit around the house sleeping. Like this cat! They are different verities and colors of kittens! Siamese Multiple color brown,orange,black Black,white,gray kitty! White cat (Persian) Black kitten See kittens and cats are not so bad after all. They can be lovable and sweet it just depends how u treat them. They are like any other pet you've ever had and if you treat them like every other pet you have that is nice they will be nice too. Cats and kittens and other pets have feelings like us humans they just can't express it the way we can. So when you get home, if you have a pet, go look at them,pay attention to what they are acting like. Watch to see if their sad, lonely, or happy, playful or if their just acting mean that means they are not being treated right or their angry at something you did to to them. I hope you enjoyed my presentation!! :)
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