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Trip to Jamaica

Fully planned trip to Jamaica

Desmond Pham

on 30 March 2011

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Transcript of Trip to Jamaica

Trip to Jamaica By: Desmond and Tony Half Moon Royal Villas 5-star hotel Located in Montego Bay, Jamaica $1,500 for 1 week AirTran Airways 12:20 PM, April 1st Depart from Atlanta, GA Arrive at 2:14 PM at Montego Bay, Jamaica $940.42 for round trip About Jamaica: Island located in the Caribbean 90 miles south of Cuba, in the West Indies 100 miles west of Haiti, and is a little smaller than Connecticut. Made up of coastal lowlands, limestone plataeu, and the Blue Moutians (a group of volcanic hills in the east) English is the official language of Jamaica The Jamaican dollar is the official currency of Jamaica Jamaica was inhabited by the Arawak Indians, but when Columbus explored it in 1494, he named it St. lago It remained under Spanish rule until 1655, then becoming under British possession Disease decimated the Arawaks, so black slaves were inported to work on sugar plantations During the trade, emancipation of the slaves, and a drop in sugar prices led to a depression, resulting in a uprising (1865) Jamaica became independent on August 6, 1962 History Day 1) Resturaunts:
Pier 1 (Lunch)- Approx. $30.00
Pier 1 Lobster- Tender Chunks of Caribbean lobster tail sauted in a garlic lime butter sauce laced with white wine
The Houseboat Grill (Dinner)- Approx. $33.80
Almond crusted chicken breast, roasted red pepper coulis, wild rice pilaf, buttered broccoli and green beans

Deep Sea Fishing with "Fish Jamaica" Approx. $500 Day 2
Day O Plantation Resturaunt:
Ackee Montego (Lunch, Approx. $30.00)- Jamaican ackee and saltfish served on a bammy with fried plantation Activities:
Black River Safari (Approx. $87)
Ability to discover crocodiles, birds, mangroves, ect. Pork Pit:
2 lbs. Jerk Pork (Dinner, Approx. $20.00)-
Jerk Meat, served with a baked potato/yam and a bottle of Red Stripe Day 3:
Activity: Snorkeling at The Doctor's Cave Beach (Approx. $100.00) Lunch at the Sea Breeze (approx. $40):
Escoveitch fish-(fish topped with a vinegar and Scotch bonnet pepper mixture) Dinner at The Native Restaurant (approx.$65):
Coconut encrusted chicken with cinnamon banana Day 4 Lunch at Sugar Mill Restaurant (Approx. $60) "Conch 3 – ways": appetizer, Jamaican Jerk flaming brochette, coconut curry ice cream over bread pudding for dessert Dinner at The Pelican Restaurant (Approx. $45) Mouthwatering Jamaican cuisine Activity: "Dune Buggy Adventure"(Approx. $84)
Dune Buggy tour of Montego Bay where you can see breathtaking coastal views, historic sugar fields, countryside, ect. Day 5 Lunch at The Island Grill (Approx. $35) Traditional Jamaican Quisine Activity: Dunns River Falls and Ocho Rios Shopping Tour (Approx. $52)- Browse through the town's craft markets, and enjoy a relaxing afternoon at the stunning Dunns River Falls Dinner at the Dragon Court Restaurant (Approx. $40) Elegant Chinese Restaurant offering authentic Chinese dishes Day 6 Lunch at El Greco (Approx.$45)
Serves true Jamaican, American A-la-Carte or European style food Dinner at the Juici Patties Restaurant (Approx.$50)
Menu that reflects the taste of the Jamaican people Activity: Jamaica's Spirit of Reggae - the Bob Marley Experience(appprox. $86):
Visit Nine Mile and learn all about Bob Marley's life, see his birthplace, his house and final resting place, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery that surrounds Mt. Zion and Nine Mile Day 7 Lunch at the Tastee Montego Bay (Approx. $30)
Crusty little golden-flake patties with meat need only be accompanied by a drink to make a filling Dinner at the Scotchies (Approx. $30)
Traditional Jamaican dinner Activity: Animal Farm (free):
A rainforest adventure for birdwatchers and naturalists in the historic village of Lethe-home. Here you will find a private estate like no other in Jamaica. Your friendly guide will take you on this delightfully varied tour and cultural exchange- rare birds from around the world, local herbs used as natural remedies and exotic local culinary delicacies Final Price: Approximately $3,900 Take a ticket back to Atlanta on April 7th at 6:37 PM, reaching the city at 8:29 PM.
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