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Stem Career Project: Being a Veterinarian

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Sarah Roman

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Stem Career Project: Being a Veterinarian

What are the educational requirements to work in this profession?
The educational requirements to work in this profession are:
Complete a four-year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program in addition to undergraduate school.
Obtain license to practice in the profession.
Obtain bachelor's degrees in science related areas (zoology, molecular biology, chemistry, animal science, and biochemistry)
Hold four-year
What is the average salary for this occupation?
The average salary for this occupation is about 90,000 dollars per year.
What knowledge or special skills are required for the people in this profession?
The knowledge that is required for this profession is:
consumer and personal service
English language
medicine and dentistry
The skills that are required for this profession are:
active listening
critical thinking
reading comprehension
judgment and decision making
active learning
complex problem solving
service orientation
What tools or technology is used in this profession?
The tools that are used in this profession are:
animal catching devices
animal husbandry equipment
emergency medical service units and other nebulizers
The technology used in this profession are:
data bases
electronic mail software
medical software
spreadsheet software
What are the major tasks preformed by the people in this occupation?
The major tasks that are preformed in this occupation are:
The veterinarians take care of living things.
Many animals come in for regular visits and the vets need to check up on the animals and make sure that everything is going alright.
Also, if an animal is sick, the vets need to be able to identify what is wrong and explain to the owner what he/she could do to help get the animal back into good health.
Stem Career Project: Veterinarian

Why does this profession interest you?
This profession interests me because I love animals. I have had many pets throughout the years and I know how to properly take care of them and I love doing it.
What specific things can you do in high school to pursue this career path?
Specific things that you can do are:
Volunteer at an animal shelter and get used to working with animals
Beyond that, go to veterinary school with a degree allowing you to work with all animals in hospitals or other buildings.
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