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Language Objectives

How to write Language Objectives

Melanie Richey

on 7 September 2010

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Transcript of Language Objectives

How to write
Language Objectives... Verbs explain interpret identify predict compose create evaluate design Start with the most important person.... The student will be able to... Next, rely on Bloom's...select a verb... add the content... finish with the support, or tools... sensory supports... videos
real-life objects
physical activities
illustrations/drawings graphic supports... maps
graphic organizers interactive supports... pairs
peer coaches
cooperative learning
use of native language Here's a math example... NCSCOS math grade 8:
5.01c Find, identify, and interpret the slope (rate of change)
and intercepts of a linear relation. EQ: How do you find the slope of a line
using tables, graphs and equations? The student will be able to begin the language objective (LO) like this add your verb describe how to find the slope of a line add the content (SCOS objective) using tables, graphs and equations. finish with the support and a science example... NCSCOS science grade 6:
1.02 Develop appropriate experimental procedures for:
• Given questions.
• Student generated questions.
1.04 Analyze variables in scientific investigations:
• Identify dependent and independent.
• Use of a control.
• Manipulate.
• Describe relationships between.
• Define operationally. The student will be able to begin the language objective (LO) like this analyze add your verb variables in scientific investigations add the content (SCOS objective) using charts and graphs. finish with the support
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