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Practice/English Presentation

No description

Sarah Anderson

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Practice/English Presentation

Introduction Methods Results Discussion Expert Intermediate "I don't know what it means to leave a little slack. Where should I leave slack?" -Intermediate "I know what to do, but only because I've done this before. These instructions are confusing." -Expert Novice Final document was successful! Name: Robert Hingstrum.

Sex/Age: M. 22 years old

Sewing Experience: Never sewn

Turn On's: High fives, girls that play halo, and hot pockets "Rut oh!" -Novice Novice 1. Images
Removed unused pictures
Added pictures that better represented step 2. Reformatted steps-
Eliminated unnecessary information
Reworded confusing text 3. Overall formatting
Embolded numbers
Created visual engagement Intermediate Name: Curtis Boyer

Sex/Age: M. 21 years old

Sewing Experience: Occasional (but not buttons)

Turn On's: Sewing buttons , long walks on the beach, and fixing cars. 1. Create a Primary Document
2. Identify Target Subjects
3. Perform Experiment
a. Provide Supplies
b. Record Response
c. Qualitative Analysis
4. Edit Original Document Expert Name: Katrina Fetterman

Sex/Age: F. 21 years old

Sewing Experience: Often (including buttons)

Turn On's: Edward Scissorhands, teasing out her naturally luscious locks Sewing can be a harrowing experience.... ...even for Disney characters. We set out to change that! Solving Sleeping Beauty's Dilemma Kurt Carney, Stephanie Ball, Sarah Anderson, and Nicole Benzoni
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