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Technology Infusion Presentation FRIT 8132

Classroom Template

Martha Hill

on 11 October 2015

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Transcript of Technology Infusion Presentation FRIT 8132

School Demographics
East Jackson Elementary
Jackson Coutnty, Georgia

Every church is a stone on the grave of a god-man: it does not want him to rise up again under any circumstances.
- Friedrich Nietzsche
Technology Infusion in Today's classroom!
Web 2.0 Tools
Project-Based Technology

FRIT 8132
Administration of Technology Resources
Martha M. Hill

Benefits of Web 2.0 Tools in the Classroom
Web 2.0 tools are the latest of integrative and collaborative tools that can transform a classroom. In this 5th grade setting, most of the instruction is based on the Common Core principles of project-based learning. My co-teachers and I utilize many interactive tools to help with this expectation in our curriculum. Students are expected to initiate, explore, and produce presentations that show comprehension of subject matter and application of this understanding in creative outlets. Some of the tools that are utilized in this classroom are:
Communication is important!
Try using Kidblog!
One of the most used tool in this classroom is the blog. This is not only a positive tool for the teacher, but it is a way for parents and students to be kept informed on classroom assignments and activities. The teacher is able to download and post project rubrics, upcoming activities, homework, links and information for the parent to read, and they can send communication back to the teacher by signing in with their own log-in.
slowMation is an option the students have to create presentations. This is a tool that was introduced and used through a grant for Science and Math to Title I schools called Project PROMSE.
(Promoting Rigorous Opportunities in Math and Science Exploration)
The students get to create through IMovie, Audacity, and any production format that could enhance their project.
Slowmation,Popplet and Glogster: Learn to navigate to create!
With powerpoints as "old school", these students enjoy the presentation tools of Slowmation, Popplet and Glogster. Students have access to ready-made templates or can create their own to showcase their individuality. These tools also make the students explore options within the tool and they learn to use critical thinking skills in their project creation.
Pros and Cons of Web 2.0 Tools Use in the Classroom
All of the students like to utilize the Web 2.0 tools in the classroom, although there are some that are more "computer savvy" than the others. I attribute this to the availability of technology at home, and the practice and use of this equipment. Those that do not have access to a computer, gaming consoles, or smart phones seem to be intimidated and hesitate to experiment without constant supervision. Those that are familiar with many forms of technology are very adept in the navigation, terminology, and production phases of various Web 2.0 tools.
Our school's infrastructure for the internet is at times lagging, and it can interfere with downloading, searching, and production capabilities. This is frustrating when we only have one hour weekly in the computer lab to perform many of the technological tasks. If there is no access to technology at home, the project can take many weeks to finish.
Despite all of the pitfalls of technology that were named, the benefits of being proficient in technology outweigh the bad. The confidence that students experience from creation of unique and innovative projects through these tools not only support the Common Core with emphasis on critical thinking and project based learning, but it prepares these students for the future so that they can demonstrate competency in global learning and preparation for the job force.
Implications for Teaching:
Because of the availability of Smart Boards, document cameras, and Smart Response systems used in the classroom, students are becoming familiar with the different equipment, applications of technology, and interactive capabilities of Web 2.0 tools. The majority of our teachers are capable and willing to implement many of these tools in their everyday teaching, which makes the technological learning seamless from grade level to grade level.
Many factors affect academic and behavioural engagement. One of the factors, having a sense of connectedness to teachers, peers, and learning, is immensely important with newcomer and low level ELL middle school students. When asking a struggling student to sit down and read something that is far beyond their comfortable level of comprehension, they have to trust that you are asking them to do it for good reason. Having positive interactions with students outside of the realm of academia builds relationships that some students need in order to feel a part of the school community.

Writing engagement is easier to achieve if students have a good sense of audience and purpose in their writing. Even knowing that peers are going to read and critique their work helps to motivate some students to think about their work from someone else's point of view.

In the classroom, both Laura and Maria are well behaved and seemingly engaged in assignments. Once class is over and work has to be completed independently, however, their roles differ. Laura, always concerned with what her peers think of her English skills, works hard to complete work that she can share in class. Maria, who lacks support outside of school, typically does not complete work on her own time and often attempts to get by with the most miniminum of effort.
Implications for My Teaching:
Students need to know that their work is meaningful. This year, when open responses are done in Science, we always work with a partner to score and critique each other.
Publishing work and comments on kidblog.org is a way for students to have their work go public (anonymously!), and using #comments4kids on Twitter will get people around the world commenting.
The End. :-)
Birch, Barbara M.
English L2 Reading
. New York: Routledge, 2011.

Boston College Lynch School of Education.
Trainer's Manual: From Language to Literacy: Reading and Writing for English Language Learners.
Project TALCA and the MA DESE.
Final Thoughts:

I have always loved experimenting with technology, and after interviewing my fellow 5th grade teachers, I think the others were resistant at first because of the fear of taking away instructional time to promote the experimentation with technology so students could gain proficiency. Now, they feel more comfortable in applying these Web 2.0 tools as they see the benefits of students gaining critical thinking skills by the use of technology!
Small rural elementary school
Pre-K through 5th grade
Title I School - majority of students on free and reduced lunch

5th grade class
28 students in the class
population of class: 16 boys and 12 girls
Inclusion Class with 5 SPED, 1 RTI, 2 504 Plans, 5 Gifted
East Jackson Elementary is a small, rural school in Jackson County, Georgia
Title I School - majority of students have free and reduced lunch status
Student population is 78 % white, 10 % black, 12 % Hispanic
Pre-K through 5th grade
Voicethread as a collaborative tool:
<iframe width="480" height="270" src="https://voicethread.com/app/player/?threadId=8662" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
This tool is not only engaging for the students to watch, but their "voice" is heard! The teacher can also give instruction and provide feedback to their questions.
Let's go take a look at some that are used in this classroom!
<iframe src='http://www.glogster.com/glog/6lf4fpo41frpuv3kniopia0' height='960' width='1300' name='glogster-embed-glog' frameborder='0' scrolling='no' marginheight='0' marginwidth='0' style='overflow: hidden;' id='glogster-embed-glog'></iframe>
Student's work on Social Studies Standard In U.S. History: Cuban Missile Crisis:
Popplet is a fun and media rich environment for the students to organize pictures, videos, and other media aids to help with future projects. Not only is it a storage space, but you can sort and label like materials together for easier access when you need them!
Here, the students used media from my site to create a Popplet for my Kentucky Wildcats Championship Basketball team!
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