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8 Properties of Water

8th Grade Science - Unit 3: Water

Evan Bahoric

on 26 July 2010

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Transcript of 8 Properties of Water

Double click anywhere & add an idea Surface Tension Cohesive Forces
& Adhesive Forces! Universal Solvent Buoyancy Density Polarity Capillary Action What is Surface Tension?
Its the tightness across the surface of water that is caused by the polar molecules pulling on one another. Ever had a really painful Belly Flop?
That's because of the surface tension of water!
Water wants to stay together because of its polarity, so
when you hit the top of it with your belly, it feels like a big smack! The Amazing Properties of Water! How is the Spider Doing this? The spider's weight doesn't
have enough force to break
the surface tension of the
water! Remember! Water molecules are polar!
Meaning they have different electric
charges across the molecule! Being
polar makes water molecules STRONG!
Value of Water Density! 1 gram per mL! If a substance has a density less than
1 gram per mL then it will float!

If a substance has a density greater than 1 gram per mL then it will sink!

For example... Water is considered the
Universal Solvent mainly because
so much stuff dissolves in it! Remember! Water is a polar substance!
The molecules in water want to
stick together!

The combined force of attraction
among water molecules and with the
molecules of surrounding materials
is called CAPILLARY ACTION! See how the water in the straw
is above the surface of the water?
That's because the water molecules
are attracted to the sides of the
straw. This allows the water to
"climb up" the sides of the straw! Ever wonder why we have rain
drops? Why not rain lines? Drops are formed because
of surface tension.

The molecules on the surface
of water are being pulled
on the molecules next to them
as well as the molecules below them.

This makes a curved surface, thus
forming a "drop!" Remember!
A solution is a mixture that forms when
one substance dissolves in another! This iced tea is a solution
because its a combination of lots
of substances mixed together! A solvent is the substance in a solution that does
the dissolving. Water is considered the universal solvent because so much stuff
dissolves in it! Here is why... Water is polar! So when you mix it with
other polar substances, the polar water
molecules attract the polar molecules of
whatever your mixing it with! Water can dissolve solids (like sugar)
as well as liquids and gases! Water isn't perfect though! If you trying
mixing water with a non-polar substance (like oil)
then it doesn't mix well! Specific Heat of Water! Pool Cat stays cool in da pool. Specific Heat Specific heat is the amount of heat needed to
increase the temperature of a substance 1 degree
Celcius. Water is unique because it has a very high specific heat!
It takes a lot of energy to heat up water! This is why on
a hot summer day, the air is hot, but the pool is so
refreshing! So why does that work? It all goes back to the water molecule!
Because the attraction between water molecules is so strong,
it takes a lot of energy to "shake up" those molecules making
them hotter. Adhesion and Cohesion

Water is attracted to other water. This is called cohesion. Water can also be attracted to other materials. This is called adhesion.

The oxygen end of water has a negative charge and the hydrogen end has a positive charge. The hydrogens of one water molecule are attracted to the oxygen from other water molecules. This attractive force is what gives water its cohesive and adhesive properties. MEGA IMPORTANT! Anything that is underwater... experiences the buoyant force! The buoyant force acts completely opposite of gravity!
It makes objects feel lighter because the force comes
from below and pushes the object upward.

Sorry to break the news, but the reason you can do all
those cool flips and stuff underwater isn because you have
talent...its because of the buoyant force! It makes you

An object's weight has everything to do with the buoyant
force! If an object has a weight equal to the buoyant force
acting upon it, then its going to float. Assignment! Read pg. 54 in your textbook!

When finished, write a one paragraph explanation of why
a boat floats! Feel free to use
pictures to explain!

We will go over this as a class, be ready to share!
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