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Internet Piracy

No description

Jason Kuphaldt

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Internet Piracy

Internet Piracy
Piracy PSA
There are other ways!
There are many better ways to get your favorite electronic entertainment with spending very small amounts of cash.
Internet Piracy is the illegal downloading of copyrighted software, movies, games, etc. without special permission from the copyright holders.
What is it?
What are the Dangers?
The Law
Computer Risks
There are many risks to pirating on the internet, here are the most common.
If caught with illegally downloaded products on your computer, you can face large fines or even spend time in prison.
Sometimes, downloads on pirating websites contain many viruses or spyware. If your computer is contaminated by these "bugs," they can come with many terrible consequences. And sometimes, your computer can't be fixed.
Declining Content
When content providers are not paid for their products, they are less able and less motivated to make more. Paying for products you enjoy help ensure that more of them will be created.
What is SOPA?
SOPA or "Stop Online Piracy Act" was a bill introduced to expand law enforcement ability to punish perpetrators of online piracy.
This bill was heavily opposed by many internet users, and wasn't passed in the initial form in 2012. Over 7,000 web sites participated in an internet wide service blackout to protest this bill and raise awareness.
Public Sources
City and county library's are a great resource for that lets you borrow copies of hundreds of CDs and DVDs.
Many different services offer monthly subscriptions for low prices such as Netflix Or Hulu Plus, Other services offer free streaming with the only "price" being commercials.
Thanks for Watching!
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