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The Bystander Effect

This is a presentation for my english class. We had just finished reading the Diary of Anne Frank.

Ryan Brower

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of The Bystander Effect

What is the Bystander Effect? The Bystander Effect, or Diffusion of responsibility, is the tendency of people witnessing a crime or horrific event, and doing nothing about it. How does it Relate to the Holocaust? The Holocaust is probably one of the most infamous cases of the Bystander Effect ever to be recorded in history. Millions of people were killed by german Nazis, and when the Holocaust was over, many soldiers in the Nuremburg trials answered to their crimes with "I was just following orders." Some of these soldiers were people who could have helped the jewish laborers, but decided not to because of the influence of others. By Ryan Brower The
Bystander Effect Causes of the Absence of Action There are multiple causes for the Bystander Effect. One of them (the most common) is when there are other people around. Most likely, a witness of a dehumanizing event will expect that someone else will swoop in and save the people in need, when who needs to help is that person. Infamous Contemporary Examples There are many things today that are considered unimaginable, but happen in everyday life. Some well-known examples are: Kitty Genovese Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax Wang Yue Raymond Zach The tragic example of Kitty Gevonese shows us the powerful influence of the Bystander Effect. On March 13, 1964, She was Stabbed to death by a serial murderer. The killing was witnessesed or heard by up to 38 bystanders, which all did nothing to help her. By the end, she was stabbed, murdered, and had $50 stolen from her without a single Hero to save her life. Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax performed a heroic act himself. He came to the aid of an elderly woman
who was being attacked by
a robber. In the struggle, he was stabbed
to death. Both the robber and
the elderly woman fled from
the scene. Hugo bled to death
for more than an hour
before anyone helped him. Later, the woman he helped came back to share her condolences, but, according to the police, it was "unacceptable" for so many people to just walk by and do nothing. Wang Yue was
a two-year old
girl living in the town of Foshan, China. Yue was hit by a small, white van, and was left dying on the streets for seven minutes, with a total of 18 people walking past her, some going as far as to step around the blood. Finally, a recycler named Chen Xianmei picked her up and called the police. Eight days later, she died. On Memorial Day 2011, 53-year old Raymond Zack, who lived in Alameda, California, walked into the waters on Robert Crown Memorial Beach and stood neck deep in water 150 yards offshore for almost an hour. His foster mother, Dolores Berry, called 9-1-1 and said that he was trying to drown himself. Firefighters and police responded, but did not enter the water. The police expected the firefighters to enter the water. Firefighters later said that they didn't have current training and certifications to perform that kind of rescue.They called for a United States Coast Guard boat to come. Dozens of people on the beach did not enter the water, apparently expecting police to do it instead. Eventually, he collapsed in the water, apparently from hypothermia. Even then, nobody entered the water for several minutes. Finally, someone entered the water and pulled Zack to shore (with no help from any of the police), after which he died. Works Cited http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bystander_effect





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