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Explore Austin 2013 OSTR Goals

No description

Janos Novits

on 12 January 2016

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Transcript of Explore Austin 2013 OSTR Goals

Fill out program for less
Build institutional readiness for Explore Austin’s development program that will support continued growth and changes in human resources.
Secure $775,000
in Philanthropic Revenue to support Explore Austin’s growing program in 2013. Focus on developing relationships with donors with capacity and interest to make gifts
Secure $375,000 (49% of Total Revenue) of 2013 through Foundation funding and Grants
Secure $375,000 (49% of Total Revenue) of 2013 through Foundation funding and Grants
Request funding from 65% of the above mentioned donors asking for a total of $475,000. Result: 37 Solicitations made of prospects on the 2013 Grants calendar
Identify and execute appropriate stewardship steps for each grant over $5,000 to facilitate future giving and demonstrate impact.
Secure $180,000 (23% of total, and up from $167,000 in 2012) through Quest for the Summit
Use 2012 sponsorship list, Host Committee, Board and referrals to Identify 180 (up from 160 in 2012)
Prospects and create donor chart.
Secure $220,000 (28%) through individual cultivation and solicitation of individuals with the capacity to give $1,000 or more (excludes family foundations).
11 Existing Members = $65,000 in recurring revenue
Rally, and mass marketing
campaign = $60,000
In 7 years, we have created something special…
We will not only continue to change lives, we will change more lives

Continue our standard yearly program growth

Create new programs to involve more participants

Increase efficacy of all programming through a focus on building Assets
Provide programming that accommodates growth
at least two vendors able to provide quality programming for each activity
Ensure long term program sustainability
reduce costs of 3 SWTs by 33% each (guide fee)
Appropriate Explorers, Expedition Explorers, qualified Mentors and Substitute Mentors
Recruit 60 appropriate 6th grade applicants
Offer programs to Explorer families
120 Explorers and Family members enjoying outdoor recreation
Offer programs to youth at KIPP (KAC & KACP) who are not Explorers.
Allow 200 (class of 20) youth access to meaningful activities
Offer programs to youth who are at other KIPP schools (KAL and Beacon)

Allow 200 (class of 20) youth access to meaningful activities
Strategy 1
Mentors understand power and use of D.A. early in program
Strategy 2
7 non-discussion, powerful experiences to build assets during SWT
What is needed from others
in communication and marketing of new programs at KIPP
in recruiting volunteers and program leaders
in marketing accomplishments of programs to create community excitement
34 recipients donate after campaigns sent (over $5,140)
Reach $99,999 in gifts through 600 Donations in 2013
Double number of online donors from 2012 Print campaigns (holiday, etc.)
Retain existing donors
Decrease my costs by 15% in 2013
Volunteer manager who works directly with the contacts and coordinates Explore Austin volunteer events
Increased sponsorships and/or decreased spending with current vendors
Intern working 3 days per week assisting marketing needs
Provide internal marketing support
to departments
Departments will make request in writing and clarify needs/deadlines

Touch base with Dunaway 6 times per year
Use Development Committee, Board, Donor Referrals, Research and Local Foundation Resources to Identify 60 Prospects and create donor chart
Donor Chart with 57 (15% increase) Prospects targeted for $600,000
Complete 35 Calls/Visits/Tours (staffed by DD, CEO and/or Volunteer) with above prospects/donors
35 Calls/Visits/Tours completed
37 Solicitations made of prospects on the 2013 Grants calendar
60% of 2013 Grantor/donors renew/increase giving in 2014.
135 (75%) Sponsorship Packets mailed by January 31
Follow-up phone calls
25 in-person solicitation calls completed
Work with Marketing to ensure sponsors are recognized to facilitate future giving and demonstrate impact.
Build a sustainable development program by moving key prospects (high linkage, interest and capacity), advdeepenedocates and volunteers along a continuum of commitment to Explore Austin and its mission.
development program

Build a
$180,000 (23% of total, and up from $167,000 in 2012) through Quest for the Summit.
$220,000 (28%) through individual cultivation and solicitation of individuals with the capacity to give $1,000 or more
Work with Marketing to see tickets sales and at/post-event donations total $40,000.
150 prospects. Solicitor is DD, CEO, and/or Volunteer
135 packets mailed, 60 phone calls Attended by DD, CEO or volunteer
60%  of sponsors renew in 2014.
$40,000 raised in ticket sales ($15k in 2012) and at/post-event donations ($20k in 2012).
Donor Chart with 180 prospects targeted for $360,000.
Pathfinders Club
summer campaign
10-20 New Pathfinders = $50,000 in recurring revenue
End of Year
Calls and emails = $45,000
Fund mailer
“I learned that I might be scared but I should try my hardest anyway. I learned not to give up on something event if at first you don’t like it.”
“My purpose in life is to better myself through this program and school so in the future I have the skills I need and can live a life I choose.”
In 2013 the Explore Austin program will:
2013 projected participants as current program
2013 Program Summary

150 Explorers
6 Expedition Year Explorers
50 Adult Mentors
120 more people involved in outdoor recreation
100 more involved in outdoor volunteerism
1,750 more people camping outdoors
400 more youth involved in outdoor leadership programs at KIPP
80 more youth in peer mentoring
9 more peer mentors
150 Explorers
6 Expedition Year Explorers
50 Adult Mentors
Total: 206
2013 projected participant goals:
Total: 2,665
New programs to involve more youth and families
Increase efficacy of Explore Austin programs through increase in Assets building
Objective 1
Objective 2
Objective 3
Strategy 1
Strategy 2
Strategy 3
Strategy 1
Strategy 2
target 150 families (750 people total) for healthy and educational outdoor experiences
allow at least 20 families to be involved in volunteerism with Explore Austin
100 families (500 people total) for healthy and educational outdoor experiences
Up to 40 KIPPsters experience a peer mentor relationship
Recruit 30 qualified Mentors
12 of 14 of the 2014 class applies to be in the Expedition Year
3 Summer Wilderness Trips led by Explore Austin and mountaineering trips put out to bid by guide companies
1/3 or 23 activities provided by outdoor outing clubs at free or reduced cost
Interns/Mentors will be able to lead activities without hiring extra facilitators (rain plan)
New programming run by volunteers and interns
of $1,000 or more
Increase attendance to Explore Austin events. Attendees exposed to mission.
Double donor/prospect attendance to Saturday Excursions in 2013
Create and implement key volunteers opportunities
Development Committee
Implement long-term giving vehicles and recognition opportunities to secure revenue for future years
Build out Pathfinders Club to include 2 additional giving levels by April 1, 2013

Case Statement language improved and circulated with the input of 4 key volunteers (and prospects)
Strategy 3
100 families (500 people total) for healthy and educational outdoor experiences
Up to 40 KIPPsters experience a peer mentor relationship
Recruit and retain a Development director and a support team to carry out goals and objectives
Assess Development team needs
to inform decision-making and track progress
Wealth Screening conducted to ID prospects with capacity
and structures to effectively target, win and steward major gifts
Provide Developmental Asset training
Annual update for mentors on assets gained by Explorers
At least 1 training per year regarding Asset building for all mentors each year
Create a curriculum centered around Developmental Assets
1 discussion and 1 experience to build assets per activity.
At least 1 new asset building approach added each Saturday Activity.
Greater Explore and KIPP parent and family involvement
Assistant skilled in Excel to splice and create data profiles
Webpage design to market programming and new opportunities to get involved
Vendor and community contacts to lead activities
Objectives 2013
Acquire new donors
Grow existing donors
New younger demographic fundraiser executed in the fall with 40 new donors
Twice as many Rally donors in 2013 (348 total)
50% of attendees (from HH & Sat. event) increasing gifts and 75% giving again
Double number of donors who gave after print campaigns in 2012
Existing donors attend Quest.

Stewardship via handwritten notes and 75% give again

Stewardship via print campaigns and 50% give again
Find new vendors and more efficient sources
Find volunteers to seek out sponsorships and/or complete tasks we pay for
Knowing how much I spent on my categories in 2012
Create event and campaign budgets in January
New options via other nonprofits of more affordable vendors
5 new options for more affordable vendors or new partnerships via mentors/supporters
At least 4 short term volunteer opportunities throughout 2013
2 new partnerships similar to the BAS/Dunaway model
Knowing when to complete my projects and how to manage my time
Knowing how much I have to spend in 2013
Recruit and retain people with marketing skills
Volunteer event committee for Quest and Fall fundraiser
1 e-assistant to answer data/admin questions and 1 designer to help with minor design needs
Maintain consistent Explore Austin brand
Solicit departmental marketing needs
Explore Austin supporters stay accurately informed
Explore Austin print and promotional needs stay consistent
Touching base with team at Monday meetings ensures I’m aware of departmental needs
Departments have e-confirmation that marketing need is in the funnel.
Turnout calls made by staff and volunteers 1 week prior to events to targeted donors
Identify and engage 4 couples to serve as Pathfinders Chairs/advocates
Engage 2 Chairs by April and 22 Hosts as Quest for the Summit by December
Assess planned giving opportunity
Establish endowment
Determine if/when new database will be needed
Institutional Readiness
Recruit Development Team including a Director, Coordinator, grant writers, and interns
Donor information, activity, and reports are readily accessible
Develop Policies Manual to ensure that all gifts and development communications are handled ethically and professionally.
Table of Needs: menu of projects and funding opportunities created to support Foundation/Grant strategy in Objective 1.
"Thank YOU for REALLY
making the journey possible!"

Marketing: Tix and Gifts
Objectives for 2013

Giving standards at the BOD level as well as other minimum standards of participation
4 of at least 12 candidates nominated and approved from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and networks
Expand- BOD from 12 Members to 16 and Advisory Board from 8 to 12
Develop committed, diverse, and engaged Board of Directors and Advisory Board
Four BOD members chair bi-monthly committees and select Chair Elect for 2014
An internal Advisory Board Mentoring program
Utilize the BOD and the Advisory Board to increase engagement thru committee meetings, staff mentoring, and special projects
Mobilize the BOD and Advisory Board to increase fundraising commitments, event attendance, and volunteer opportunities
Advisory Board hosts an annual event of their own.
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