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Middle School: How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, and Snake H

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group for music class

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Middle School: How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, and Snake H

Middle School: How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, and Snake Hill
Picture of Novel
The setting of this book is at a summer camp/school in the woods. Important places in this camp, Camp Wannamorra, include the Muskrat Hut, the lake, Bobcat alley, the chow pit, and Snake Hill.
Rafe Khatchadorian-the main character and someone who continuously causes trouble and is constantly bullied
Doolin-a bobcat that bullies Rafe and his friends in the Muskrat Hut
Other important characters:
Norman (Booger Eater)-Rafe's best friend in the camp that got nicknamed booger eater for getting caught by Doolin once
Major Sherwood-head of the camp who ignores Doolin and the Bobcats' "pranks" and doesn't like Rafe
Characters (continued)
Other Muskrats:
Dweebs-tall boy who had his growth spurt
Cav-short for cavanaugh and is short
Smurf-has blue hair
Two Tunz-big boned and big hearted
Bombardier-has bad #2 after eating broccoli
Legend-"protector" of the muskrats who gets kicked out of camp
Georgia-Rafe's sister who always bugs him
Katie Kim-Rafe's math teacher who he has a "crush" on
Rusty-the cabin counselor of the Muskrat Hut
Leo-Rafe's imaginary twin brother who gives him advice
Author Info.
James Patterson:
He was selected as the Children's Choice Book Awards Author of the Year in 2010. He is the writer of the series of Middle School Books, I Funny, Confessions of a Murder Suspect, Maximum Ride, Witch and Wizard, Daniel X, and Alex Cross. He lives in Florida.
Chris Tebbetts:
He is the co-author of the three Middle School Books.
This novel is about a boy in middle school named Rafe. At first, he was all about breaking rules. Then, he was about doing knew things. Now, he has to survive a whole eight weeks in a summer camp/school. One thing he is looking forward to is being away from Georgia, his sister. When he's there, his cabin 'mates are friendly to him. Their names are Dweebs, Cav, Smurf, Bombardier, Two Tunz, Legend, and Booger Eater. He then realizes that he was put into the loser's cabin. Everyone in that cabin gets made fun of and pranked by Doolin and his cabin 'mates, the Bobcats.
Summary (continued)
Sometimes Doolin's pranks are stopped by Legend. Doolin though, does a prank where he put something in the punch that made everyone sick. Everyone blames Legend, so he is kicked out of camp. This gives the Bobcats to prank the Rafe and his 'mates, the Muskrats. Rafe is sick of this, so he devises a plan to stop the pranks.
Summary (continued)
Rafe makes a plan to take pictures of the Bobcats smoking. It works, but the bobcats don't realize that the pictures were to blurry. Once they find this out, the pull a big prank on Booger Eater. His real name is Norman, but he was caught doing it once, so his nickname became that. He gets so angry that he trashes Major Sherwood's cabin with peanut butter and honey. Major Sherwood, or known as The Dictator, is head of the camp and never sees Doolin's pranks hurtful.
Summary (continued)
Norman ends up running into the woods. He stays there until Rafe finds him and gets him. When they get back, The Dictator thinks it's Rafe and gets very angry. Rafe, without the chance to explain himself, gets kicked out of camp, but before so, he stops Doolin from bullying the rest by threatening him that he'd tell people he used to pee his pants. Also, he told them to stop calling Norman Booger Eater. Rafe leaves a few weeks early with six more friends waiting for him next summer.
I give this book a four star rating. I really enjoyed the story and events that happened in the plot. I would've liked to see more action though. Then it would be five stars.
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