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Graphic Design Timeline Assignment

No description

Emily Kitchell

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of Graphic Design Timeline Assignment

by Emily Kitchell

Graphic Design 1990's-Now
Milton Glaser
American Graphic Designer from the Bronx, New York City
American Art Director and Graphic Designer
Work Cited:
Graphic Design 1922-1960's
Graphic Design 1800's-1922
- Birth of the internet; one of the greatest invention to revolutionized design and opened doors for artists.
Graphic Design 1960-1980's
- George Eastman invented a light-sensitive plastic film that allowed multiple images to be printed on it called
Flexible Film
- The Linotype Machine invented by Ottmar Mergenthaler. This was one of the first printing presses.
- The introduction of Motion Picture.
World War I - impacted the design industry through antiwar posters.
- by James Montgomery Flagg's Poster of Uncle Sam.
- William Addison Dwiggins coined the term "Graphic Design" to describe his combination of arts.
The Great Depression; the New Deal program gave funding to artists to express there abilities in these dark days.
The New Typography and Isotype Movement
World War II; the graphic design industry flourished through antiwar posters and design.

Pop Art
- Stanley Morison commissioned Times New Roman typeface.
- Post Modernism; new movements in art and design.
- Douglas Engelbart introduced the first computer mouse.
- First Color TV
- New Wave Typography; combination of Punk and Psychedelic typography that is credited to Wolfgang Weingart.
- Apple introduces the first Macintosh computer featuring bitmap graphics. Steve Jobs created some of the more important innovations for graphic designers.
- Adobe Photoshop Version One
Influential Graphic Designers
Pop Art by Roy Lichtenstein
In 2009, Milton was first graphic designer to receive the National Medal of the Arts award by Barack Obama. He is credited for bringing the 1960's typeface into the digital age. In 1974, he opened Milton Glaser Inc. and is still producing great works of art. Milton is best-known for his famous I Heart NY logo.
Graphic Design Timeline Assignment
Andy Warhol
Ruth Ansel
- The first Macintosh computer
Graffiti & Street Art
Paul Rand
- Macromedia releases Flash
- Adobe Dreamweaver
- Adobe InDesign 2.0
- Shepard Fairey's HOPE campaign poster of our 44th President Barack Obama.
- The iPad; revolutionized the digital world by making graphic design even more portable.
Born in 1929
Fulbright scholarship.
Paul was born Peretz Rosenbaum in Brooklyn, New York. Paul is mostly known for his corporate identities such as the IBM, ABC, and UPS logos. Many of theses corporations are still using his designs today. His works were often interpreted as original and simplistic.

1914 -1996
Art Director & Designer
In 1962, Ruth Ansel was the first female art director for well known magazines such as
Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, and The New York
Times. She also created film titles and designed book covers. In 1990, Ruth opened her own studio that designed ad campaigns for Versace, Club Monaco, and Karl Lagerfeld. This inspirational woman received multiple prestigious awards and has a book entitled
Hall of Femmes: Ruth Ansel
that depicts her phenomenal forty-year career.
Anonymous English Street Artist, Painter, Activist, and Filmmaker
The unknown artist called Banksy, started his graffiti career in the 90's in Bristol, England. He was primarily known for using stencils for his unique style of street art. Banksy is an extremely audacious artist. In 2005, he portrayed being an activist within his artwork. The bold statements and vandalism that he illustrates has risen him to fame world wide.
In 2010 his documentary
Exit Through the Gift Shop
was nominated for an Academy Award. Now, the artist is speculated to be living in New York City leaving his mark where ever he goes.

An American Illustrator Painter and Filmmaker
Andy Warhol is considered to be the most popular artists of his time. He is credited for the 1960's Pop Art movement. Andy is most known for his celebrity portraits painted in bright colors. In 1964, Warhol opened "The Factory" which was his own art studio and the hottest place to be in NYC. In 1967 and into the 70's Andy Warhol decided to express his artistic abilities in other ways by publishing a few books and produce multiple films.
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