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No description

Jake Honeck

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Shift

Chris and Win day 2
Chris- Chris is confused, Determined, mad. He is most determined because he is going on a trip across the country.
A quote that shows hes determined is "Don't be (when win was gonna be drunk). "pg18

Win- Is secretive, lazy, and risky. He is most lazy because he doesn't want to go on the trip right away he said "Nope sounds like June 6Th is the day after graduation. Sounds like I might be hungover "pg18
The protagonist is Chris and the antagonist is win because win disappeared witch has caused wins parents to make Chris's life hard because of detective if win just came back with Chris nothing bad would have happened.
At the beginning the part that
hooks you is when the detective comes and then we find out that
win did not come back from the bike trip and he has disappeared. Witch makes you want to find out what happened to Win.
Flashback is when you tell a story from the past, or something from the past. The author uses flashback because it helps us understand what happened on the bike ride so we can piece it together and solve the mystery.
Minor characters
Wins dad
- He is smart because it seems like at his job he has a lot of power and money and went to collage.
Wins Mom
- Wins mom is nifty she quick called and got tickets before they got out and swift .
Chris's dad
- Chris's dad is wondrous he is asking Chris a lot of questions about what happened.
Detective Ward
- Detective ward is Sneaky he always knows where Chris is and he startles Chris to interrogate and interview.
- Vanti is friendly because she is very chatty with Chris and wanted to be his partner.

This book on the even chapters it is in the past, and the present is on all the odd chapters. The
setting is on the
road having fun and
the setting in the
present is on a
collage campus.
Rising Action
1. When Detective Ward comes to Chris about Win.
2. Threats from Wins Dad in email.
3.Chris was told and found out that Win had 19,000 dollars
4. Chris gets a postcard from "Tricksey" witch Chris knows is Win
5.Win writes postcard on trip wont show Chris.
6. Chris gets another postcard marked Verdin.
7. Chris goes to Montana to try to find Win.

Stops on trip
Chris and Win"scamped" at the church they found. Then they soon where caught and they didn't get in trouble instead they invited them in to eat.
They where going to camp in a park but a police officer saw them and offered them to camp outside the police building but they actually went inside to a empty cell and stayed in there over night.
Mid Story
Mid Story
3/4th way threw the story
The wind was blowing very hard so they asked the nearest farmer for a lift to the town but he offered them to stay in the farms barn they also ate dinner with the family.
Chris is going to Montana to try to find win on the bus because he thinks he knows where win is and in the general area.
Chris and Win start fighting aggressively.
Present Climax
The climax is when Chris is dropped off at the house and barn and is about to see Win for the first time since they split apart on the trip. Then they talk about what Win was doing there. In the book it was chapter 26
Flashback Climax
Chris and Win start to have there fight in the barn and Win said saying "You've been . . . a good friend . . . Christopher Collins " and the next day on the trip Win ditched Chris when he got a flat tire and then Chris never saw Win after he left him.
Falling Action
Events that wrap up the climax is when Chris goes and dips his wheel in the atlantic making it all the way there and also detective ward giving up on finding win and saying win is "undefinable".
Chris's Changes
Chris has changed he is less worried about Win as he was at the beginning of the book. He is less angry at Win as he was at the begging because he found Win and found he was happy where he was. Chris also has changed to becoming a responsible collage student because he went to collage after the trip. As seen throughout the book.
Wins Changes
Win was slowly changing throwout the book more and more. A huge breakdown on the road trip with Win was when he had the breakdown about the wind but was it really about the wind? It was about Win getting away from his dad the wind acted as his dad holding him back making him struggle just like his dad did with Win being himself. he changed because he wanted to be more himself. Witch was on chapter 18. Also in the fight was he fighting Chris or his dad?
The theme of this book is acceptance because they had to accept that Win wanted to be Win and he wanted to stay in Montana.
Theme Song
I think the theme song would be
Skyfall by Adell because

Win ended up giving Chris all the money he owed him and maybe a little more. They ended on happy state knowing Win was happy there and having a job and doing fine
When Chris was leaving Win from Montana, Win said
" Im glad you came" Chris replied "Me too"
The best part of this book was the mystery feeling it had behind it for me. The part i least liked was they didn't talk about a lot of details about the trip but they did have enough for it to make seance. I would recommend this book for just about anyone because it is a interesting fun book and no too long.
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