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States Rights Presentation

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Nathan Bollmeier

on 31 March 2016

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Transcript of States Rights Presentation

The rights and powers held by individual US states rather than by the federal government
South Carolina
States rights had a big effect on South Carolina. They wanted to secede from the U.S. because of States Rights. They wanted to have slavery but the U.S. government did not want them to have slavery.
Kansas-Nebraska act
This act connects to the Civil War by making 2 new territories. These 2 new territories got to choose if they wanted to have slaves ar not. It was their choice.
States Rights
The connection to the Civil war was that each state had their own choices and power. A big part of it was having slavery and the power to choose if you wanted to have it or if you didnt want to have it.
By Nathan Bollmeier
Missouri Compromise
Abraham Lincoln
Steven Douglas
Abraham Lincoln was a abolitionist. Which made all of the difference in debating against Steven Douglass. They both fought for their states rights.
Steven Douglass was a Senator of Illinois. He was connected to the Civil war by fighting for slavery and his states rights. He fought against Abraham Lincoln for slavery.
This is a Non example by taking away states rights. This act drew a line tat all of the states above wee non slave states. This made several people mad because they could have not slaves which is bound to cause something.
Political Power
This connects to States rights by the government wanted power to control the states but the states had their own rights to choose.
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