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No description

Rishika Choumal

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Template

Driving Digital Performance
Our Creds
dentsu Aegis Network
A Truly Global Player
Billion Dollars
Top 3 in Media Billings
2000 Staff
60 Offices
70+ Languages
12 Services
10 Qualified GIAQ
45 Google Qualified Professionals
5 DoubleClick Qualified
5 Developers: Jscript, PHP, .Net
Largest Global Spender
1st GACP in India
1st to launch GSP
1st GA Premium Partner
1st DoubleClick Premium Partner
Beta Tester
Our Functions
Team Structure
Our Clientele
How We Leverage Digital
Customer Acquisition
Brand Building
Information Dissemination
Community Building/ Customer Engagement
Online Reputation Management and PR
Consumer Insights, Market Trends, and Product Development
iPC2 Offshore
Learn Best Practices
Global Market Exposure
Understand Tools
iPC2 Agency
Agile, Scalable, and Flexible
Understand Client Needs
Creative Thinkers
Our Unique Ecosystem
Global Outsourced Reporting
Media Data Reporting
120+ Customers
300+ Media campaigns run a month
All configured and tracked with analytical software

Consumer Behaviour
Target Group
Our Strategy
Point Approach

It's all about the brand

Media Buys
Sponsored Promotions
Paid Social
Hyper targeting
Propriety tool for FB
Does Micro Bucketing, Ad Scheduling, and Audience Identification
Target users who have dropped out after taking a quote
Drop a Cookie
Follow them on all Networks and get them to fill a lead
Sending out emailers through ad networks
Media Plan
Case Studies
Sample YouTube roadblocks
Let's Move Ahead
Full transcript