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Go Ask Alice


Kevin Martinez

on 9 March 2010

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Transcript of Go Ask Alice

Go Ask Alice Background This was an actual diary written by a fifteen year old girl in the late 60s, and lived with her parents and her younger brother and sister in the San Francisco area. I recommend reading this book because I know so many people who have and could relate to her life story. Why you may ask? Well most teenagers could relate to many aspects of the diary like drugs, running away from home, and the loneliness. LSD Heroine Marijuana Drugs I like this book because it isn't afraid to say things that would cause controversy. It has some of the worst drugs that you could imagine, even one that you couldn't imagine. By: Anonymous Running Away Lonliness Conclusion Another reason I like this book is because thousands of teenagers runaway from home every year. Some don't know why, others because of problems at home. In the book she runs away to San Francisco to basically be independent. She sells drugs to make money and even did some prostitution to keep up with her rent. Well I can't ruin the ending but, basically she is freed from a place that was supposed to make her a better person but ended up taking a life. The fact that so many teenagers use drugs, ran away (or ever thought of running away from home), and feel lonely is the real reason that anybody will like this book. Teenagers think that they are the only ones who go through tough times, but they are wrong. Another reason why I like this book is because it shows a true example of what tough times actually are, when you are constantly stressed and lonely and craving for a conversation with someone you could relate to. Most times we have friends or siblings that we feel safe to talk to about things you wouldn't talk your parents about. Throughout the book Alice has a constant struggle to find the right person who she could open up to. By: Kevin Martinez
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