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A Community of Artists Who Care

Jonathan Branch

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of A4D LIVE!

A4D LIVE! artisan [ahr-tuh-zuhn] : A Community of 1. A person skilled in an applied art. 8,000 Foster Youth in Colorado Art + Mentoring = Art Mentorship "To interrupt the cycle of abandonment in the lives of foster youth through Art Mentorship" Personal
Community "I have long believed that the way we treat the most vulnerable members in our society is a measure of the greatness of our nation" J o i n t h e s t o r y Artists For Denver - A4D Mission Statement Less likely to complete high school
Less likely to earn a college degree
More likely to experience economic hardships
More likely to become involved in the criminal justice system
More likely to experience homelessness What are the risks after aging out of the system? Artists Who Care A4D is teaching non-verbal modes of expression that help foster youth confront their emotions. "Painting is just another way of keeping a diary" - Pablo Picasso Mentors create active community partnerships that help youth succeed in school, work, and life. "I get by with a little help from my friends" - The Beatles ART MENTORING - President Jimmy Carter "Even more than for other children, society has a responsibility, along with parents, for the well-being of children in foster care. Citizens are responsible for acting to ensure their welfare. " Outcomes: A intentionally cultivated sense of physical, psychological, and social well-being for foster youth Art that inspires, challenges, and encourages Tangibles ways for community members to engage These trees are happy, but how do you feel? carpenter, actor, silversmith, drummer, painter, jeweler, videographer, dancer, rapper, musician, poet, jazzer, interior designer, architect, luthier, chef, film maker, photographer, composer, artist, bassist, curator, pianist, basket maker, stone carver, potter, quilter, leather worker, guitarist, lighting director, builder, drum major, crafter, goldsmith, radio broadcaster, writer, cellist, promoter, sound engineer, author, producer, violinist, singer, metal worker, flutist, stained glass maker, tattoo artist, wood worker, tagger, journalist, percussionist, clothing designer, recording engineer, performer, graffiti artist, performer, sculpter, screenwriter, yogi Restoration: Creation: Invitation: - Foster Child Bill Of Rights
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