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Learning Target Chapter 3

Chapter Summary and Presentation

Todd Washburn

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Learning Target Chapter 3

Learning Targets: Chapter 3 Sharing Learning Targets with Students •Design target in student friendly language. (We are learning to...)
•Share the target with students.
(We will show that we can do this by...)
•Develop Look-Fors so students can self-monitor their learning.
(To know how well we are learning this, we will look for...)
•Make the target relevant to students.
(It is important for us to learn this (or be able to do this) because...) Students should be able to: Performance of Understanding 1. recognize what is important to learn.
2. know when they have learned it.
3. demonstrate their learning. The Four-Step Framework Students will recognize and understand the Learning Target and know what to Look-For in order to gauge their progress in meeting the particular target. Write 3 reasons why clearly communicating learning targets to students is important. Exit Ticket a carefully designed learning experience Criteria for Success
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