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LSD Prezi

No description

Shawn Bucknell

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of LSD Prezi

LSD By Shawn Bucknell Street Names Acids
Yellow sunshine
Window pane
Sugar cubes
Trips How is LSD Used? LSD is on paper that is licked or swallowed. Which Body Systems Does LSD Effect? The Nervous system. Short Term Effects distorted perception
heightened senses
nausea, vomiting Long Term Effects of LSD flashbacks
psychotic states
serious personal problems
Death Coming off LSD Depression
Memory Impairment
Suicidal Thoughts Test Questions What Body System does LSD Mainly Effect? The Nervous System Name one Long Term Effect of LSD flashbacks
psychotic states
serious personal problems
Death "All of a sudden I was transported to never-never land, a deep dark place where everybody was a bug with insect faces, antennae coming out of their heads and all this dripping and masticating going on with their mouths... Snakeheads were bobbing around every corner." As the visual distortions continued, "I started raving, going nuts... I was gone. It was about three hours of grisly horror. I was so distracted by the ghastliness of it all that I didn't have time to notice how scared I was. I thought this metamorphosed world was reality. I was screaming and yelling and jumping around while Bill tried to maintain me."
The bug and snake hallucinations continued on the drive home, and Mark kept trying to jump out of the car, so Bill had to tie him down. The drive was "one of the most gruesome experiences I can ever remember... I was out of my mind, horrified by these hideous visions I kept seeing... It was really a miserable, miserable experience." LSD Story http://addictions.about.com/od/designerdrugs/tp/Five-Bad-Acid-Trip-Stories.htm http://www.drugfreeworld.org/drugfacts/drugs/lsd.html http://www.lsdabusehelp.com/can-lsd-withdrawal-symptoms-be-fatal Any Questions? BYE!!!!!!
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