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CRS Campaign 04/2013

No description

Matthew Goldenberg

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of CRS Campaign 04/2013

"Pick Your Passion"
Website A Practical Marketing Approach that aims to bring Catholic Institutions together to raise awareness about Catholic Relief Services. PICK YOUR PASSION
CAMPAIGN Social Media
Campaigns Social media is the perfect way to reach out to students and alumni to raise awareness for CRS. College Student and Alumni
Participation Friendly competition among universities An internet hub for the "Pick Your Passion" Campaign. Organic User Interface
Articles updated in real-time related to CRS-relevant issues.
College pages for each participating university AND Twitter Facebook Why Invest in a New Website? Why Use Social Media? "Pick Your Passion"
Website Social Media
Campaign Student and Alumni
Competition how it all works TOGETHER The website will be intuitive, customizable, and fun to use. This will drive users to visit the page regularly and to sign up for a profile. This will increase their exposure to, and the likelihood of discussing, the Pick Your Passion campaign and CRS in general. Why Use a Competition? What Twitter Entails Asking questions to promote conversation
Updates on competition
Tweeting at competing schools and alumni about competition progress
Posting articles about the weeks cause What Facebook Entails We can use Facebook to share pictures and videos so we can show each schools competition progress.
We can use it to give the rules and facilitate the competition.
We can release surveys to vote on which causes to compete for Provides incentive
Builds community
Generates awareness Competition Format Concept: compete to gain the most "points" to win a grand prize.

Point System

Smaller Social Media Contests Social media is already vastly used amongst people, especially college students and alumni.
With such a large percentage of people using these resources already, it is a quick, easy way to reach out to all of these groups.
It is also inexpensive and allows us to connect with existing pages such as college pages. Estimated Grand Total:
$28,700-$30,000 What To Take Away This campaign will raise awareness for
Catholic Relief Services by:
Using values, ideas, and beliefs endorsed by CRS
Using practical, long term tools to access college students and alumni
Incentivizing human development by implementing fun and friendly competition
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