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Charlesbourg Private School

projet d'école

Anne-Julie Tremblay

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Charlesbourg Private School

Charlesbourg's Private School There are diferent
profile at our school: Designer
In this program, the students will learn how
to do clothes as dresses, t-shirts, or accessories.
They will also learn about fashion and the tendencies.
Finally, they will have to do the school uniforms
and do the design of the sport team’s clothes.
For the first two years of this profile, it is a general
formation in which the students will learn about different
types of dance. For the last years, they will need to
choose a type of dance as hip-hop, classic, ballet, jazz or
crump on which they will focus. The students will do
many shows during the year and in sec 4 and 5 they can
do competition.

At our school, 3 sports are offered: soccer, football and hockey. As the other profiles, the classes are in the morning and the students practice their sport in the afternoon. They will be taught the rules, strategies and techniques by professionals. They will also play against the other schools and try to win the championship! Finally, they will go see some professional games of the sport they practice.

In this profile, the students learn the basics of cinema
and some techniques. They will have to do different types,
it can be short films or full-length films, comedies or
dramas. Finally, they can attend conferences of famous
producers. MUSIC:
This concentration is divided in two. The first part is harmony in which during the first month, students try different instruments. After that, you need to choose one you will play all the year. The second part is bands. In this one, you can learn to play instruments as drum, guitar and bass. During the second year, you can create your own band with your friends. Finally many concerts will be organized during the year. ARTS:
In this program, the students paint, do sculptures, portraits and many other things. At the end of each year, exhibitions are organized so the students can present their masterpieces.
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